5 reasons to see Memphis the Musical

May 5, 2015

Memphis the Musical


Last week my husband and I had the pleasure of seeing Memphis the Musical, and as the title of this post suggests if you haven’t seen it yet I would really urge you to ASAP.


Set in 1950’s America it tells the story of an aspiring DJ and an up and coming singer who meet and fall in love and the difficulties they face being in a mixed race relationship during the era of racial segregation in the Deep South. It’s a love story based on true events in our not too distant past which also acts as a representation of social history from that period.

Here’s my top 5 reasons of why I think you should go see Memphis the Musical:


1. THE VOCALS. Beverley Knight’s voice will leave you open-mouthed in total awe. Her voice is strong and powerful with a delicious, soulful tone. How she belts out those numbers night after night is simply amazing.


2. ORIGINAL MUSIC. The musical is aim packed full of original tunes that are all hits in their own right. You’ll leave the theatre with a whole new set of songs buzzing around in your head.


3. THE STORY LINE. It’ll have you laughing unashamedly one minute, gasping in horror the next, and crying with heartbreaking sadness the next.


4. THE ACTING. The acting portrays the story perfectly and allows you to get lost in the moment.


5. THE DANCING. Fabulous dancers and dance routines will have you tapping your feet itching to get up and shake your stuff. The costumes and scenery were brilliant too and very evocative of the era.



It should be noted that my husband is not usually one for musicals, but he also throughly enjoyed it too. Also my parents who are in their 50s and 60s loved it so I think it has a broad appeal to all ages from say, 16+


Have you seen it? If so would love to hear what you thought?


Love Nat x


Street Style Sunday on Instagram

May 3, 2015

My lovely followers on Instagram are really embracing Street Style Sunday and I’m loving seeing their style whether they are young or old, women or men. If you’re on Instagram too you can get involved and be within a chance of having your picture reposted on my feed to my 3,000+ followers.


Here is the very lovely lady from Beauty and the Buggy sharing her happy style with us.



Here’s another lovely mama from Joy to the World with her children showing us their heavenly denim style.

Street Style Sunday

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April 30, 2015

A huge thank you to you guys for nominating me for the #BIBs2015 awards. I bloody made it to the shortlist thanks to you lot. 

Now some of you may remember two years ago when I won another blogging award and got slightly ok very drunk, said a few inappropriate things to strangers/ other bloggers (as you do), and then lost my award never to find it again. If you wish to reacquaint yourself you can read about the Missing Gong here.


Now the real work starts, if you thought you were sick of the political parties banging on about votes, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!


So do you a big, massive, gigantic, colossal favour and vote for me one more time and get me to shut the f*ck up.


If you can let me know you you’ve voted even better, I will love you forever.


The end.



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sun Jellies styling

Top 5 classy carryons

April 29, 2015

Apart from the head teacher’s office at my daughter’s school, there really is no other time that I feel this need to look/sound posh. Something about airports makes me want to breeze in like a 40’s Hollywood film star with a scarf over my head, tied at the side of my neck, looking like I have a few million dollars in the bank. Why? No bloody idea. Or maybe I do, I think it harks back to the days when people used to spout ‘if you dressed really well and they might upgrade you’ rubbish. Did it ever happen? Well actually yes it did once but it had diddly squat to do with how I looked and much more to do with having a good friend who worked at Heathrow airport. But still every time I get anywhere near an airport, even at 18 when I went on my first trip to Ayia Napa (*hangs head in shame*) or more recently by occasional escapes to Turkey or Portugal with the family, hardly the stuff of mega stars, I get that same feeling that my flying outfit has to be carefully thought out, combining classy style and some level of comfort. Although not too comfortable, trainers (and I love my trainers) are a definite no no for this exclusive airport event that I’ll be attending, only reserved for the VVIP of course. (I include queuing for 2 hours just to check in for an Easyjey flight in this ultra exclusive event).


So given my delusions of grandeur that overcome me very time I go to an airport here I indulge of predilection for expensive-looking luggage. Unfortunately for you (and me) expensive-looking luggage usually carries a fairly decent price tag. But hey if it gets me the upgrade it’s an investment. Right?!









Oh yeah and they MUST have wheels, and I have picked ones that can be taken on the plane (unless it’s Ryan Air or some other shit airline of course), to keep the image up for as long as I still manage to walk in my heels.


*Please note: I haven’t actually road tested any of the above I’m purely going on looks alone*


What do you think of the suitcases I recommend? Anyone got any other great suggestions I’d love to hear which luggage your loving.


Love Nat x

School uniforms – Yes or No? by Elaine

April 28, 2015

I’m sticking my hand up and saying a big, fat YES to the wearing of school uniforms.

I’m sticking my hand up and saying a big, fat YES to the wearing of school uniforms. 

The toddler turns 4 in a matter of days, is no longer a baby, and we’ve started looking at schools for the academic year 2016-17. Yes, we are visiting potential schools more than one year in advance…For someone who is not a planner in any way, shape or form, and is married to someone who is positively allergic to planning anything more than 2 days in advance…this is horrific. 

Anyway, a big question that came up today was the school uniform. Not so much a question as a shout “Some of the children were in PYJAMAS!”. They weren’t actually in pyjamas, but to be honest it wasn’t far off.

Full disclosure – I have always, when prompted to opine on the topic, been in favour of togging out youngsters in a school uniform. I think there are more pros than cons. My pros, if anyone cares:

It instills a sense of uniformity, of belonging.

Children don’t compete with one another – everyone wears the same thing.

One’s social demographics don’t come under the microscope from others (ie, parents).

It saves the morning DRAMA of getting your offspring dressed and out of the door, minus superhero outfit, odd shoes, no underwear etc.  

You learn to represent something bigger than yourself, your school. It’s a good feeling to instill in a child. 

The cons, as expressed to me by those who dislike school uniforms:

Uniforms are expensive.

Children aren’t able to express their individuality.

In the days of gender-neutral and third gender advocacy, a child’s individuality is a biggie. Of course it is, but in addition, to me school is school. It’s for learning one’s 3 Rs first and foremost. Whatever individuality a child chooses to express should surely be coming out of their mouths and body language, not the outfit they’re wearing. Or am I missing something?

I spent close to 15 years in a school uniform, from kindergarten through secondary school. I was a very clothes-orientated young sh*thead who found other ways to express my individuality during school hours. The identical-to-everyone-else-clothes I wore meant I had to use my brain to find avenues of self-expression. I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. Besides, I had the weekends to dress myself, and the couple of days a year where we wore “home clothes”, we paid a nominal amount to a charity for the privilege/treat. 

Today, I saw lots of sportswear: football (soccer) jerseys and the knee-length nylonesque basketball shorts that Kobe Bryant wears (that when you touch them, produce so much static that it’s almost impossible to let go of). Grim, it was. The girls were in less sporty outfits and veered more towards pinks, purples etc. Some in sweatpants. Horror of horrors. Very few had brushed their hair. One young chap looked like Stig of the Dump but with clothes on. 

Should it matter if a child has tidy hair? Yes. It’s part of life. Taking care of one’s appearance is essential. Imagine if adults didn’t look groomed? It’s pride in oneself.

As adults, we do, like it or not, wear a uniform of sorts – soldiers, nurses, et al are the glaringly obvious. Those of us in other areas also wear a type of uniform, albeit a much more subtle one – no jeans, no scruffy clothing, no disco dresses, no flip flops at work. It’s a silent code in an office environment. Okay, some people need reminding of this code more than once, but in general, every grown up knows these things. If a child is taught that wearing what they want is a way of expressing oneself and ranks up there in importance with learning to read and write, I have some misgivings about what they’ll be wearing in the work place…

Perhaps I’m over-thinking this whole thing. Maybe I’m secretly wanting our son to mimic part of my childhood. I can’t help but get teary-eyed when I see my UK friends’ photos of their little girls in hat, blazer, dress; and the boys head to toe in cap, blazer, trousers…and regulation shoes. Yes, we all had regulation shoes. Amber, I recall, was their model. Not getting misty-eyed over those. 

Anyway, we shan’t choose our son’s school over whether or not they wear a uniform, but if I ever were to rule the world…



Street Style Sunday – Sun Jellies and flares

April 26, 2015

Part 1 last week I did fun, and feminine. This week for part 2 I’m doing badass mama style. I’ve always had a thing for vintage fashion and this 70’s revival trend that is everywhere at the moment is right up my street as you’ll already know if you’re following me on Instagram. So here is another way I styled my Sun Jellies.


And this week is super special because I have a a Sun Jellies tote bag to give away to one of my lovely followers to reward you to sticking with me and reading my blog.


Sun Jellies sandals and toteSun Jelly tote bag


Sun jellies

sun jellies


Photos by http://www.leoniefreeman.co.uk

Flares £40 | Sun Jellies tote £20 | Sun Jellies Sandals £14 | T-Shirt £19 | Head scarf/ and jewellery are old.



Giveaway Conditions: 

  • You must enter the first 3 mandatory entries, then for every 3 more optional points you gain you get another giveaway entry.
  • You must be 16 or over.
  • You must be a UK resident.
  • Your email address may be shared with Sun Jellies and will not be shared with any other parties.
  • Good luck and fingers crossed for you.


Love Nat x

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Imaginary Friends by Elaine

April 22, 2015


This past weekend, I overheard my almost 4 year old toddler chatting away with someone. A proper conversation, which may or may not have included Commands. The dog was with me, the cats ignore him, so who was he talking with?

Alfred, he said. Mateo has a good friend at school called Alfred – was it the same boy? Mateo blushed, “No, mummy.” Okay…cue demonic music or eery silence. 

Now, I’ve seen Paranormal 1, 2 and 3. I know they were films, every scene shot with 100 people in the room, magic done with editing etc. However, it doesn’t help when my son, out of the blue, introduces an invisible person into the family. Every bit of common sense goes out of the window, and all I can remember is the time my then just 3 year old pointed to a part of the wall in his bedroom and told me he didn’t like the woman standing there looking at him. I’ve never moved so fast in my life. 

I believe in spirits, or perhaps I just want to believe that there’s something else after life rather than a blank void of nothingness. A scientist (a very respected man in his field) told me a long time ago that whenever a human dies, its energy has to go somewhere. It cannot exit the planet Earth, so it must be somewhere in our world. Although most scientists are supposed to pooh-pooh the idea of the supernatural, this gentleman was open to the idea of the spirit world. Nobody could disprove the theory that ghosts/spirits were the leftover energy of the deceased. Heh. 

Back to Alfred. Mateo continued chatting away with him, as I read the paper some 10 feet away. I spied a mini chocolate egg on the table and shoved it into my mouth.

You’re eating Alfred’s egg, mummy.”

Chocolate spat out faster than you can blink and I believe I may have uttered a “Sorry, Alfred!” out loud. If you’ve seen Paranormal…remember the part where the girl points out that her babysitter or dad (can’t recall) was sitting in the ghost’s chair? Then the scene where the invisible ghost yanks the girl 4 feet off the ground by her ponytail? Yeah, that’s EXACTLY where my mind went. DO NOT UPSET THE GHOST OR YOU WILL DIE.

Where is Alfred right now?”

There, watching you, mummy.”

Then one of the cats brushed past my bare leg – I screamed, which made Mateo scream and it was all really very awful. They say that when you feel fear, your child feels it too. I well and truly failed that parenting moment. 

A child psychologist that I know says that it’s not only very common, but it’s healthy for young children to have imaginary/invisible friends. This, from Psychology Today, supports what he believes:

(Eileen Kennedy-Moore Ph.D) … In fact, compared to those who don’t create them, children with imaginary companions (either invisible friends or personified objects) tend to be less shy, engage in more laughing and smiling with peers, and do better at tasks involving imagining how someone else might think.

Oldest children, only children, and children who don’t watch much television are more likely to create an imaginary friend. This probably reflects opportunity. Children need unstructured time alone to be able to invent imaginary friends. 

Mateo is an only child, is a sociable little fellow and has always equally enjoyed playing alone or with friends. So, this is normal and nothing to do with the supernatural or my impending death at the hand of a disgruntled coven.

The piece goes on to say:

If your child has an invisible friend, relax and enjoy it! Ask questions to find out more about the friend. You may learn something about your child’s current interests, wishes, fears, or concerns. You may even want to write down and save your child’s adorable answers!

My response on reading the above: ARE YOU BLOODY CRAZY? Why would I encourage years more of tiptoeing around my own home in case I upset Alfred? And he kills me. This, you see, is the problem with an overactive imagination and why I almost had heart failure watching The Blair Witch Project. You never actually SEE anything bad, you just have all the props and hints to imagine your worst nightmare coming true.

So, because the piece says it’s usually an only child and/or those who don’t watch much television that have these ghosts, sorry, imaginary friends, my plan of action is to park my son in front of the tv for 8 hours a day, every day (my homemade exorcism is more important than school) and/or to have another baby. Now. 

Tonight, I shall be sleeping with every single light on in the house. 

Street Style Sunday – Sun Jellies style

April 19, 2015

This is part 1 of a series of 2 posts. This week I show you how I styled my Sun Jellies – sandals and tote bag.


For my first style I wanted to conjure up a look that was feminine yet not too girly. Romantic, light hearted, and fun. So I plucked out my fabulous tulle skirt that has never failed me in the 5 years I’ve had it, and paired it with my navy Cos jumper.


Jumpers and flared skirts can be a little tricky sometimes. I suggest tucking the jumper into the skirt and just puling it up a tiny bit so it’s not too baggy and shows off your waist nicely to give you shape. The jumper cannot be overly chunky otherwise it will look bulky under the skirt. Combining a jumper with a a fairly dressy skirt like this helps to make it look more causal for an everyday look. Especially when paired with flats or Sun Jellies sandals like I’ve done here.


Photos by Leonie Freeman Photography 

Sun Jellies tote bag and sandals


Sun jellies tote bag


Sun jellies styling

Sun Jellies style


Knitting in jellies

sun jellies happy

similar tulle skirt | jumper | sandals | tote bag | knitting kit


Photos by Leonie Freeman Photography – Twitter | Instagram


I brought my knitting along for the ride as you can see in the pics. I’m making a bag. It’s the first time I’ve ever knitted and I’m bloody pleased with myself. Although I’ve just come to the end of the first roll and haven’t looked up yet how to go onto the next roll seamlessly, which I’m a little anxious about, but I’m sure it’ll be easy.


This knit kit was from Wool and the Gang, I followed their tutorials online and literally from zero knowledge or experience I have done this by myself. Their Knit kits give you all you will need including pattern, needles, yarns, and sewing bits if needed. I’m about to organise a knit party at my house and have a good old knit, drinking, and chatting session with my mates. Cannot wait!!!


Which colour Sun Jellies sandals are your favourite? Are you loving the new tote bags as much as me? By the way they are very practical too (roomy, easy to find all your stuff, and obviously super stylish).


Next week I will show you part deux of this series -a completely different styling of the Sun Jellies, think 70’s flares, big gold jewellery and a head scarf and you’ll almost there. And next week you’ll get the chance to win one of the fabulous Sun Jellies totes. 


Love Nat x

I was sent the bag and sandals by Sun jellies, and the knit by Wool and the Gang, but as always all opinions and styling are completely my own. 


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The kindness of Mums by Gemma

April 17, 2015

It has been well documented over the years that us Mums can be a rowdy bunch. Often described as competitive and clichy, short on time, and pushed on patience, we wouldn’t think twice about steam rolling over a poor pensioner as we push our double buggies along the pavement dragging our tantruming toddlers behind us. But over the last few weeks, it has been proven that us Mums are made of much kinder stuff.

The last month has been a bit of a shocker. I had to unexpectedly remove my cheeky, cheery toddler from playgroup due to reasons I shouldn’t really divulge (although I would love to!). First and foremost I was, and continue to be, livid. But despite knowing I had made the right decision, the realisation then dawned on me that from that moment on I had no childcare…and my husband would be working 7 days a week…all summer. Living in an area filled to the rafters with families, I knew all the good nurseries and playgroups would be full, and sadly my fears were confirmed. Jam-packed until September was the general consensus.

But despite the panic that set in, the unexpected support of local Mums has been a lovely surprise. It was a new friend and Mum who alerted me to the problem and took it upon herself to bring to the attention of the management. Countless women and fellow Mums have made their recommendations for alternative childcare options on a local Facebook group, and a friend of a friend has gone out of her way to give me ongoing advice and support. For all of which I am extremely grateful.

Since I first started writing this post (I can only write a few sentences before the toddler demands the very annoying kinder egg YouTube videos!) I am now very thankful to say we have some childcare sorted for the summer and future months so my fears can be put to bed – PHEW! This is all down to my very lovely friend who spoke up for me at a time when I felt more than a little overwhelmed.

Being honest, the summer months still seem a little scary, but I know they will be that much brighter thanks to the support of my lovely Mummy friends and local ladies, and for that I am very, very grateful.

Gemma x

Chelone Wolf Photography – The View

April 16, 2015


chelone wolf exhibition mc drs mid mic crisis


My friend and amazing photographer Chelone Wolf is having an exhibition of some of his work called – The View. The exhibition will focus on MC DRS and the recording artists who appear on his second album ‘Mid Mic Crisis.’

Shot over the writing, recording and performance phase by London photographer Chelone Wolf, the work is soulful, honest and raw.

Chelone is rapidly gaining notoriety for his emotionally engaging photographs of underground artists, spanning music, performance and creative expression.

Following on from the success of his two critically acclaimed exhibitions in Munich (2013 & 2014), The View is Chelone Wolf’s widely anticipated debut exhibition in London.

Building on his knowledge of the scene as a worldwide touring MC, Chelone now splits his creative output between microphone & camera and travels the globe through both.

Chelone is mentored by the renowned artist Goldie, with whom he collaborated to create the Mid Mic Crisis album cover. The exhibition takes its name from the acclaimed single ‘The View’ which features MC DRS on the record cover, as shot by Chelone Wolf in his London photography studio.

The opening night takes place alongside the free ‘Mid Mic Crisis’ album Launch party at House of Vans featuring: DRS Live ft 8 Gold Rings, Shola Ama, Tyler Daley, Terri Walker, Fox, Skittles Live, Calibre, DJ Die, Chimpo, LSB, Serocee and some very special guests TBA.

The View – A Chelone Wolf Photography Exhibition http://www.chelonewolf.co.uk/theview

23rd April to 29th April 2015 House Of Vans
Arches 228 – 232
Station Approach Road London


Doors: 9:00pm

Entrance: Leake Street / SE1 7NN

Age Restrictions: 18+ only

Maximum two tickets per person

ID Required

To contact the artist for further info, images or feature requests please email: photo@chelonewolf.co.uk

Tickets: http://houseofvanslondon.com/events/calendar/events/drs-presents-mid-mic-crisis


Tickets are free but they are limited to 2 per person and are going fast so be quick. 

See you there.

Nat x

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