A Brazilian work out

August 22, 2016


I find the summer holidays always completely upset my exercising mojo when they come around. Not only can I not get any time during the day to exercise, but by the time the evening comes, I’m bloody knackered. So exercise has become a bit of a distant memory recently.


When Reebok at Very.co.uk got in touch to invite me to a fitness session with a South American twist, I jumped at the chance. And it was on the weekend, so it was exclusive daddy time for a few hours.


The venue for the day was Floripa – a great space in Shoreditch.


Floripa shoreditch


The  first hour was a gruelling workout, that focused heavily on the legs. Lots of squats and plenty of thigh burn, to Brazilian beats.


Brazilian workout


Then we were treated to an awesome Capoeira display by Danca Da Liberdade – they run classes for all ages in South London.







Lastly we were taught how to samba like they do at Rio carnival (well possibly a watered-down, english-friendly version).  The one resounding tip we got was to “never stop moving your hips.”




I think I was just slightly upstaged here. I’d love to borrow her outfit for Notting Hill carnival. What do you think?


And the other huge benefit is that it’s now kickstarted my butt to get exercising again!


Love Nat x

Birthday fun – Parteaz Cakes

August 10, 2016


This year we wanted to give our eldest daughter a very special birthday, after a crappy year of sight issues and operations to come, we knew she deserved something special.


The lovely people at Parteaz Cakes offered to make her a wonderful cake. Inspired by the party invitations made by my sister we went for a watermelon cake. Here’s it is:


Watermelon cake - Parteaz


I adore the vibrant colours of the cake, and the inside was a delicious tasting red velvet sponge cake.


Parteaz Cakes make it really easy for you, by delivering the cake straight to your door. The delivery service covers a wide area of much of South East England, see their website for specific details.


They offer a huge variety of themed cakes, or you can customise your own. Parteaz Cakes were friendly, and easy to communicate with. I’d highly recommend them.


Watermelon cake - Parteaz cakes


Watermelon Cake Parteaz Cakes


Love Nat x

Thanks to Parteaz Cakes for providing the birthday in return for an honest review.

Let’s talk #BlackLivesMatter

July 21, 2016


A little post from my Instagram page:

From a very young age I remember wanting a slimmer nose and blonde hair. Society subconsciously feeds us information that white, European features are to be admired most. From fairy tales books to toys such as Barbie, and adverts on TV.


As an adult, I now have the maturity and self-awareness to embrace and actually love myself for all its black and whiteness and everything in between (not everyone has that luxury).


#BlackLivesMatter is not about saying other lives do not matter, because of course they do, we know that. But by applying that theory we are neglecting the real and very disturbing issue that needs to be brought to the table. Institutional racism, coupled with authority and power is a very dangerous mix.


We need to discuss this as openly and honestly as humanly possible, in a suitable forum. I know the UK is by no means perfect, but I feel we are further along the road than the U.S. What the solution is, I have no idea, but let’s get talking because this stuff needs to be shared with the next generation of potential perpetrators and victims so that we can even start to change this vicious cycle we’re in. (Btw I have not seen the clip of the incident that kicked this off again, as you cannot unsee things and things like that really affect me and I feel like I can discuss the subject without being mentally scarred for life).


Love Nat x


Black Lives Matter

Style Me Sunday goes to Pizza Express

July 11, 2016


If you ask our eldest daughter what her favourite food is, she’ll tell you it’s Pizza. Luckily, we were asked to review Pizza Express for the whole family recently.


Fridays we try and make our family night, the girls were thrilled when I told them where we were going last Friday.


Pizza Express Review


We haven’t been for a while, so it’s really nice to see new items on the menu. Such as the antipasto and the calamari, which by the way was bloody delicious.



Pizza Express Review antipasto


The kids had their usual from the Piccolo menu, which is just perfect for them, and consist of 3 delicious and well-proportined courses. Dinner time can often be a battle in our house, trying to get them to eat is often filled with “I don’t like thats” and “ugh what’s that”  with upturned noises. As you can imagine, we never have those same complaints when we go to Pizza Express.


Pizza Express Review




For my main  course I was less adventurous and went for an old favourite – Salad Nicoise. Matt (my camera shy husband), went for the Pollo Ad Astra, another golden oldie.


pizza express salad nicoise

Pizza Express Westfield Stratford City


I’ve heard that there’ll be introducing a new Ice Age themed kids menu very soon, so I think we’ll need to go back and sample the delights of that in the near future.


Pizza express Review


I’m pretty sure the girls won’t let it be long before we are back again.


Love Nat x


Style Me Sunday goes to Harry Potter World

June 15, 2016


Firstly, let me state that we (the whole family) have been wanting to visit Harry Potter World for a long time. So imagine if you will the excitement all round when we were offered the chance to go on a City Wonders Studio Tour!


We were up early to meet our first guide at Euston Station, her enthusiasm easily matched our excitement, and she led us in a fun but organised fashion (every mums dream) on our journey to the Studio.


Once at the Harry Potter bus stop we were handed over to the extremely capable hands of our studio guide for the rest of the day. Again, he was the perfect mix in that he was bubbling over with magical expertise, but kept things rolling and could answer even the trickiest questions…’How much can I buy the real Triwizard Cup for?.


From the moment we arrived we were given special wrist bands and treated like vip’s – no queuing for us!


We were slowly taken around to look at all of the truly incredible sets, graphics and props. It was amazing to see, and to have the tiniest details explained.



Style Me Sunday goes to Harry Potter


Highlights for the kids were definitely the ‘flying of broomsticks’, ‘riding in the Hogwarts Express’ and the gift shop – obviously!.  I would say that the Butter Beer is an acquired taste!, and watch out for those Bertie Every Flavoured Beans!


Style Me Sunday goes to Harry Potter


The City Wonders team did a fantastic job of making our special day out as relaxed and fun as possible. They were bursting at the seams with intricate and interesting details on everything from the cast and crew to sets and props. Definitely a family day out to remember.


Style Me Sunday goes to Harry Potter


Style me Sunday goes to Harry Potter



So, if you’ve got a Harry Potter mega fan in your midst then make sure you get down there, there’ll be talking about it for years to come.


Love Nat x



City Wonders, a global tour operator which offers exclusive guided tours throughout Italy, France and the UK, has just announced its partnership with Warner Bros. Studios for its recent launch of “The Making of Harry Potter” guided tour beginning April 26th. Only through City Wonders, travelers can enjoy a unique fully guided studio tour with an expert Harry Potter tour guide who will take guests through behind-the-scenes journeys of the original sets, props and costumes from all eight of the films.

On this exclusive tour, you will take a look inside the Gryffindor™ common room, walk along the famous cobbled street of Diagon Alley™, visit the original Hogwarts Express™ locomotive and Platform 9 ¾™, where you can pose with a luggage trolley as it disappears through the platform wall, Hagrid’s™ Hut, the Potions classroom and Professor Umbridges™ office at the Ministry of Magic – all while being captivated by the secrets and insights shared by the guide.

We were kindly given complimentary tickets in exchange for an unbiased review. 


Happy Fathers Day to the coolest dude

June 14, 2016

fathers day with style me sunday


Does the man in your life work his behind off to make sure his family are fed, clothed and get to enjoy some of the little luxuries in life?


Would the father of your child/ren do anything for his family, even if that meant he goes without?


Is he kind, attentive and loves nothing more than spending time with his family?


Does he brush hair and put it in a ponytail (no matter how badly), play football, get involved in games of hide and seek, and answer endless ‘why’ questions?


Is he the coolest dude you know?


If you answered yes to many of these questions then it sounds like he probably deserves a special treat. And with Fathers Day coming up this Sunday, Burton and I have a fab giveaway to be had on my Instagram right now. It’s easy to enter. But be quick though as the winner gets picked tomorrow (15th June 2016) morning.


What do you win?  £100 voucher to spend on your favourite man.


Here’s what couple of ideas on what you can spend it on:


burton menswear edit by style me sunday

Jacket | Denim Shorts | Tee

burton and style me sunday for fathers day

Chinos | Tee | Sunglasses


Love Nat x

Street Style Sunday – Easy Holiday packing

May 29, 2016



This beautiful denim dress is from Precis and is part of their #StyleEdit collection. It’s a great summer holiday dress, and if you aren’t keen on showing off your arms, team it with a sleeved top underneath, and/ or a pretty little cardigan.  You can use the code SMS20 for a special 20% off.


Going on holiday is one of my favourite things to do. Packing, on the other hand, is one of my least favourite pastimes. Especially since having a family, packing for a holiday can seem like a mammoth undertaking. Here are my top 5 packing tips, if like me you also dread it, from my experience of travelling around the world and packing for a family of 4.


Style Edit Denim Dress from Precis


Style Edit Denim Dress from Precis

Style Edit Denim Dress from Precis



1. Plan out your outfits and only take clothes and shoes involved in the outfits you’ve planned for that particular day. You can still mix and match when you get out there if you want to, but it will prevent you from just throwing everything in.


2. Roll up clothes that can be rolled easily, you’ll save yourself a load of space.  Or better still get the husband to bring a very small amount of clothes.


3. Don’t bring an endless amount of toys (aka distraction objects, just in case) for the kids, the chances are they probably won’t use half of them, and anyway if you don’t have enough things to keep them occupied, you can always buy stuff out there.


4. Invest in a decent suitcase, there  is nothing worse than having a bag split on you, or lugging around a suitcase that doesn’t manoeuvre easily.


5. Lastly, remember to pack a good selection of accessories, they don’t take up much room, and they easily transform a mediocre outfit into something special.


What are your top packing tips?


Love Nat x


In collaboration with Precis.

Why do I cry? Guest Post By Elaine

May 10, 2016

Blame science. Seriously. Along with being the bane of my school years, it turns out that science has followed me into my adult age to continue making me weep.
Not in the same way though.
These days, I can look at a scientific problem and hold back the tears and fears. I merely pass it to my husband like I do with sea urchin, broken stuff and difficult toddler questions.
The science that gets me welling up nowadays is my parasympathetic nervous system. Say wut?
You feel an emotion.
Your amygdala registers this and sends a signal to your hypothalmus.
Your hypothalmus activates your autonomic nervous system and off you go.
Simple, right? *COUGH*

Everyone cries. Pain, sadness, happiness and a whole host of other reasons. Almost everyone is a sad crier (unless you’re a psychopath). Some of us are also happy criers. Moi. See something that is cause for celebration? I cry. Something touching and sweet? I cry. Something related to babies, parents and animals? If it’s all three together, I don’t cry, I bawl.
The scientific bits in your brain can’t tell if you are happy or sad, unfortunately.
The sad tears:

One theory blames this emotional weeping on something called perceived helplessness. We look at a shelter dog, listen to Sarah McLaughlin singing a sad song, and perceive utter helplessness on behalf of that poor hound. Cue sobs. Same with wildlife programmes.
“RUN BABY GISELLE, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! OUTRUN THAT MURDEROUS CHEETAH KILLER!” you (I) scream at the telly, your adrenalin pumping, heartrate almost through the roof. This quickly turns into “NO. NO. NOOOOO! OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE IT THE BABY IS DEAD! IT’S FUCKING DEAD! OH MY FUCKING GOD”. Uncontrollable sobbing at the sadness and perceived painful and pointless death.
Cut to programme showing how the baby cheetahs will only survive if their exhausted mother can catch a baby giselle for supper…no giselle, dead baby cheetahs.
“GET IT! GET IT! RUN MAMA CHEETAH, FOR FUCK’S SAKE GO FASTER OR YOUR BABIES WILL DIIIIIIIIIE!!!”. When mama cheetah takes down the now not so cute baby giselle, you sigh loudly in relief and guess what, cry happy tears that the babies will no long perish within the next four minutes of telly time.

The happy tears:

Your bestie gets wed. She sees her dress and cries. You cry too. Why? Who knows, you just do. Your sister graduates. You cry. Pride, right? Your baby says a full sentence that isn’t utter bollocks. You bawl. Why?! It’s not about perceived helplessness in this case, though. So, what is it? You are so happy, that your parasympathetic nervous system, along with your amygdala and hypothalmus all kick in and you find yourself sobbing, pig-eyed and snotty but there’s nothing sad about anything. Ridiculous.
[If you’ve imbibed a few drinkies, this can suddenly veer from emotional happiness to doom, interspersed with I FUCKING LOVE YOU I DO moments.] Moving on.
At the end of the day, you’re not a cry baby. It’s okay to shed tears of happiness and sadness. You’re neither a wimp nor a freak.
The freaks are those who see death and destruction and not shed a little tear. (Yes, I’m still talking about wildlife programmes.)



Street Style Sunday – Perfect Summer dress

May 8, 2016





This dress came just at the right time. It’s the perfect summer dress, and dare I say (again) it’s very versatile too.


I could easily see myself wearing it to a festival, or for a night out on the tiles.


Those bell sleeves really do transform this dress. And navy is a great colour. Not as harsh as black and the perfect accompaniment to red lips. Whenever I see navy clothes, I instantly think of red lipstick.



Blue summer floaty dress


the perfect festival dress

Joy the store blue dress

park style - mums fashion


Dress | Bag


I wore it this weekend, the sun was out in its full glory in East London. We went to London fields Lido for a little dip, although a bit too cold for the littlest one, she only managed about 15 mins (if that) in the actual pool.  I, of course, choose the right kid to chaperone 😉 We then had a quick, little mooch around Broadway Market, before I was hurried along and stopped from actually buying anything, because the rest of the gang were apparently wasting away from starvation.


We ended the day with a BBQ and a few gins in the garden – bliss.


I hope you enjoyed the weather this weekend, and if you got up to anything exciting, please do share, I love reading your comments.


What do you think of the dress?


Love Nat x


Roo Beach Style

April 27, 2016


*Don’t miss the discount code in this post*


A couple of weeks ago myself and Zoe from Dress Like a Mum were invited to Cornwall for the weekend to attend their fashion event at Bedruthan Hotel (perfect for families), you can see pictures from that event on Roo’s Beach blog.


I feel like my blog has grown with Roo’s Beach, they have been a tremendous support for me from the very early days, when I was first introduced to them through friends. (Thanks Georgie and Kim).


I love developing strong relationships with brands and working with them in a more in-depth way, if we’re a good fit. The weekend in Cornwall was the perfect opportunity to get to know the lovely people behind Roo’s Beach better, who I’ve exchanged so many emails with.


During our stay Roo invited us to her boutique to pick out our favourites from the store and style them. I felt like a kid in a candy store, because there was just so much I wanted, I could have easily spent the whole day there, trying on everything. And playing with all the knick knacks.



Roo's beach boutique



fashion blogger style

Jumper | Denim Skirt | Necklace | Sun Jellies Bag | Sunglasses


Roos beach -  white jeans and yellow jumper

Jumper | Jeans | Bag | Sandals


cropped trousers and silk shirt - roos beach

Shirt | Trousers | Sandals | Clutch


fashion blogger on the beach

beautiful red wrap dress - roo's beach

Dress | Pineapple Necklace | Wanderlust Necklace |Sunglasses


Which outfit is your favourite?


About Roo’s Beach:

Roo’s Beach is a unique destination boutique located in Cornwall, not far from Newquay.

There is an eclectic mix of fashion, lifestyle products and vintage pieces. The boutique is bright, welcoming and stylish, without trying too hard. The specially curated edit of products would feel equally at home in Ibiza, as they would in Miami, and of course Cornwall or London.

There is a cute little coffee shop right next door to delight the most fussiest  of caffeine experts.


About Roo:

Roo, the owner, is a very special lady. She is extremely passionate about what she does, and that is evident when she speaks. She clearly has a skill for selecting a great team, as the other staff members are also just as enthusiast about Roo’s Beach as Roo is. They also seem more like a family than colleagues.
“Roo choses each garment with characteristic flair and attention to detail. Her choice is always based on our philosophy of Happy Clothes, as well a excellent quality at every price point and comfort – always mixing established brands with fresh new designers.

There is not one item in the shop that hasn’t been lovingly selected and tried on by her.”

She certainly does have a very special eye for knack for choosing stunning pieces, as you can see.


Love Nat x


Use the code STYLE20 for a wonderful 20% off your order. One use per person, expires on 9th May 2016. 


Here’s Zoe, doing what she does best and looking stunning.

Roos beach - zoe from dress like a mum

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