Let’s talk about… 2016

December 30, 2016


Let's talk about 2016


At the end of something it’s always good to look back and reflect, before moving on to the next thing. Because we need to make sure we learnt from the last phase, and use all the knowledge and experience we gained.


For me 2016 was:

A year of learning to ask for help when I needed it,

Of admitting it’s ok to say everything isn’t ok,

A year of showing my vulnerable side,

Of realising vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength,

A year of saying I can’t do it all,

Of letting things I cannot do well go,

A year of of being humbled,

Of discovering that I, and everyone I love are not infallible,

A year of the deepest, darkest sorrow,

A year of surviving.

2016 the year that made me stronger.

Let’s talk about… 2016


How was it for you?


Love Nat x




Let’s finish 2016 in style

December 4, 2016

I’m pretty sure that many of you would not disagree that this year has been the shittiest of shit years, the only way to go is to see the year out getting pissed (hello grandparents, they are yours for at least 2 days starting on NYE), and drowning our sorrows in brightly-coloured cocktails whilst talking (repeatedly) about how crap 2016 was.


However before we get to that point we can at least do it stylishly. There’s no point crying into our Moscow Mule looking anything less than fabulous. We have some standards! 


Christmas is synonymous with sparkle, so I’m not going to disappoint by not giving you a sequinned option.  This sparkly number is from French Connection, just don’t forget your suck-it-in knickers. But all those sequins don’t come cheap, this dress is £170.  On the plus side, I can’t see it going out of fashion any time soon, you can bring it out year after year. I would also be tempted to wear it with my Converse at a festival in the summer. 


Christmas party dress


And how can we not have a velvet option. You can’t move a few feet without seeing some velvet, and I’m very happy about that. This Boden velvet suit is a different look for me but I like it. 


boden velvet jumpsuit


You cannot ever look awful (even if you are weeping about recent political tragedies) in this Self Portrait beauty. I’m telepathically urging one of my friends to get married soon so I can buy this gorgeousness. Unfortunately my husband’s firm doesn’t have a Christmas ball to warrant the buying on this dress. Thank you Brexit!


Alice AND Olivia maxi dress


For something a little different, yet equally as lovely. This dress will make feel like Alice in Wonderland except the weird shit happening isn’t actually some fantasy world, you won’t wake up and feeling relieved.


Party wear


I just realised none of the items I’ve suggested are under £150 and that’s not usually like me. Oh well, they are all bloody lovely, sometimes if you want an extra special outfit you have to have deep pockets, or sell a kidney.


Alternatively, wait for my next post where I promise to show some better value options. Although I cannot guarantee how long that’ll be 😉


Love Nat x

Extra special gift ideas

November 22, 2016

Christmas gift ideas


Fancy some present ideas ahead of Black Friday? – Here’s what I’m currently loving:

A luxurious lavender eye mask from Catherine and Jean to calm and soothe you into a wonderful nights sleep.

My anti-wrinkle firming concentrate Redermic C10 from La Roche Posay, it sinks in every quickly and then you continue to use your normal moisturiser.

My gorgeous new Toolally earrings.

My perfume of choice has been Chanel Chance for a good few years now.

I adore Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance for ages, it makes my skin feel nourished and baby soft.

And how lovely is my new christmas clutch bag from Radley?

A few little special ideas for your loved ones.

What items are you coveting this year?
Love Nat x


Think outside of the box

November 6, 2016


When Precis asked me to pick out a couple of my favourite pieces from their A/W16 collection, I went for this stunning lace dress and a floral midi skirt. I was racking my brains trying to think of what I could pair the skirt with. On their website they pair it with a polo neck top, which looked really good, but I wanted to do something a little different.


When the clothes turned up I instantly thought they’d look great together. It’s not the first time I’ve paired a dress and a skirt together. Have a look at your wardrobe, often you can revitalise a once forgotten item with an unlikely pairing.


Thinking outside of the box


Thinking outside of the box -an unlikely pairing


Another benefit of this outfit would be if you had two events to go to in one night. After the first one you can whip off the skirt and you’ve got a whole new outfit.


Think outside of the box


Lace Dress | Floral Skirt


What do you think of this combo?


Is there anything in your wardrobe which is an unlikely pairing, but actually works really well?


Love Nat x



Gym kit every Mum needs

November 4, 2016


I was asked to pick out some work out gear from TLC Sport to try out, so I could review them and report back to you, my followers.


I chose two pairs of leggings and a top.


I’ve been trying really hard to get fit lately, so the timing was pretty good, as my exercise clothes are in need of a refresh.


TLC Sport workout gear


Leggings Top 


I love the bright yellow design on these leggings, and they have a wide waist band which I liked. There is a mesh back on this top which looks really good.  The pain in my face was real by the way. I’m still hurting 2 days later!


I’ve started training with the super trainer Fresh Fit in a studio on Broadway Market, if you’d like to train with this don, quote Style Me Fresh for a 10% discount.


However the real star of the show of the items I picked out was these slim leggings:


TLC Sport workout gear

Slim leggings


These leggings are amazing! Not only do they hold in your stomach, they hold everything in, making you feel sleek and supported.  You don’t need to worry about your top riding up during exercise, so you can just concentrate on getting fit, and not having to pull your top down constantly.


I have had so many people thank me for introducing them to these beauties on Instagram, be warned though, you’ll want to wear them all day every day, not just at the gym.


To make matters even better, they’re on sale at only £30!


You’re welcome.


Love Nat x



My Roo’s Beach Socks & Shoes Edit

October 26, 2016


I’m delighted to bring you this collaboration with Roo’s Beach. As you probably already know, as it’s just one of my badly kept secrets, I am a huge fan of socks. Especially Stance socks, Roo’s Beach introduced me to them a couple of years ago, and I have not looked back since. I never wear any other sock, and their most recent convert, my husband, now loves to nick mine as the secret is properly out. If you’ve seen my Instagram feed you’ll know that I like to wear my socks with anything, with sandals, with skirts, with everything. There is no item in my wardrobe safe from the pairing.


Roo’s Beach and I have come together to bring you this super sweet collection of Stance socks and a selection of our favourite trainers/ boots, with an amazing 20% off exclusive for my followers. 


Roos Beach x Style Me Sunday collaboration


Vans | Stance Socks


Roos Beach x Style Me Sunday collaboration

Penelope Chilvers Boots | Stance Socks


Roos Beach x Style Me Sunday collaborationRose Rankin Boots | Stance Socks


One thing I’m not afraid of is colour and print, I love to wear all sorts of colours and different prints together, the bolder and brighter, the better. This post screams colour and full throttle print from the rooftops, which is why this is one of the favourite posts I’ve done recently.


How much are you into colour? Do you go all out for colour, or do you like to add just a pop of colour here and there to make the outfit ping?


Roos Beach x Style Me Sunday collaboration

Roos Beach x Style Me Sunday collaboration


It’s probably a bit early to mention Christmas, but hey I’m going to anyway. I am the least organised person in the world, choosing to bury my head in the sand until it smacks me in the face and I can’t ignore it anymore. This collaboration is the perfect timing for an organised Christmas, either for buying gifts for others, the socks are perfect for that, or for buying something special (the trainers/boots) for yourself or alternatively for leaving a big massive hint.


And if you purchase something between now and  Sunday 30th October, you’ll get whopping 20% off anything and everything from my specially selected edit. And believe me this doesn’t come around often, so grab it quick whilst you can. Use the code: SOCKSTYLE


Happy shopping people!


Love Nat x


This is a collaborative post, but all thoughts, opinions, pictures and words are entirely my own.

Warrior Woman Confidence Challenge Day 7

October 16, 2016


The Warrior Woman Project first week long series has come to an end.


The last challenge isn’t really a challenge. I want you to think of a song that energises you, that boosts your mood and lifts your spirits. My song would be this:





I love to bust a move to this, I don’t care who’s around, or how badly I’m moving, I just love it. It never fails to lift m mood. Music can be a very powerful tool.


Tell us your Warrior Woman Anthem and I’ll make a playlist from everyone’s suggestions, for you to download and listen to, whenever you need a fabulous confidence boost, just press play.


And that is my gift to all of you. You can listen to this whenever you feel like you need a little pick me up.


Aisha aka @cinderfshionrella will pick her favourite anthem and the winner will win an amazing styling session with her. See my previous introduction post which explains the prize in more detail.


Thank you for joining in, I hope it’s helped a small bit.


Love Nat x


Warrior Woman anthems


Warrior Woman Confidence Challenge Day 6

October 15, 2016




No I don’t mean go to the toilet, but I do mean get rid of the sh*t.


Time for a cull, get rid of anything that makes you feel crappy (excuse the pun).


Start with Instagram, is there a feed that constantly pops up and makes you feel like you’re a failure or lacking in some way? It could because they post picture after picture of their super-toned body in bikinis, posing with a cocktail in one hand. Or it could be they post constantly about martial bliss and how in love they are. Comparing yourself to what you see as other peoples idyllic lives is not good for anyone. And let’s remember we’re all human, no one lives in one long amazing dream. Not matter how they might present it on Instagram.


It doesn’t matter what it is that makes you feel bad, but if it does, get rid of it.


Now if that felt really good, and you’re on a roll, go over to Facebook and have a cull over there.


Tell us how it felt. Share your story by tagging @stylemesunday and using today’s unique hashtag.


Even if you found this challenge tricky, please share your story, because we really want the whole community to see all your stories in the challenge, even if you found it tough. This is about promoting a supportive environment, there’s no competition. Somebody does win a prize, but you’ll have no idea how that winner is picked, you just share from your heart.


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Time for a cull

Warrior Woman Confidence Challenge Day 5

October 14, 2016


This is a super simple one.


Book something for you, something that feeds your soul.


It could be a massage, some reiki, lunch with friends.


I don’t care what is it, but I do want to hear about what you booked, just for you. No one else, it’s all about YOU.


Even if you found this challenge hard, please share your story, because I really want the whole community to see all your stories in the challenge. This is about promoting a supportive environment, there’s no competition. Somebody does win a prize, but as you’ll have no idea how that winner is picked, you just share from your heart.


The winner will be picked by Sophie from EsmeLoves and you will win a beautiful moonstone necklace. See the previous EsmeLoves post for more details.


Tag @stylemesunday and use todays unique hashtag.


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It's all about me

Warrior Woman Confidence Challenge Day 4

October 13, 2016




Possibly the toughest challenge yet.


Look in the mirror and notice the things you like about yourself. For most women we look in the mirror and focus on the bits we don’t like about our bodies or our faces, pulling apart every stretch mark, every roll, every spot and wrinkle. If you just take a moment to notice the thoughts that go on in your head before or whilst your looking in the mirror it’s no wonder our confidence takes a nose dive. This is a nice little exercise to do with your little ones (if you have them).


Today before you look in the mirror decide what you are going to look at, focus on something you LIKE about your body or your face, then when you look in the mirror direct your focus to that area, and really appreciate that part of you, say some kind words to yourself about that part of you…and notice how you feel. Try and aim for 5 nice things to say about yourself whilst looking the mirror.


As I said it can be a really great exercise to involve the kids with. Try saying nice things about each other, after all kids need their confidence building too.


You can write these down on a post-it note and stick it to your mirror, to remind yourself what to focus on when you next look in the mirror.




Our favourite story will be picked my Emma from the Supercharged club and they will receive 1 place on the next Supercharged Club Mission (value £120)


Please share your stories by tagging @stylemesunday and using today’s unique hashtag


Even if you found this challenge hard, please share your story, because we really want the whole community to see all your stories in the challenge, even if you found it tough. This is about promoting a supportive environment, there’s no competition. Somebody does win a prize, but as you’ll have no idea how that winner is picked, you just share from your heart.
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Focus on your strengths

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