Street Style Sunday – My Sunday Style

October 19, 2014

Last Sunday we went to Columbia Road and here’s what I wore:

Navy Jumper – Cos

Flared Jeans – Paige

Boots – Marks & Spencers

Hat – Jaeger

Scarf – Windsors Wardrobe

Bag – No longer available but  similar here

meatcloumbiaroad meandbrickwall



The boots which you can’t really see in the outfit pictures are from Marks and Spencers so here they are above. Marks & Spencers have so many great clothes at the moment I feel like they deserve a whole post devoted to them soon.


The photos of me were taken by my 5 year old daughter, and what a brilliant job she did. You can check out her style on my instagram feed She definitely out-styles me!

Nat x

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kids kicks

October 15, 2014

We are crazy about shoes and trainers in this house, we have them a whole cupboard devoted to piles and piles of them. My 2 year old is clearly as obsessed as me, if we are at the soft play area she nicks all the other kid’s trainers and starts walking around in them. And then the next minute she has an angry, screaming mob of toddlers after her this is when I quickly pretend I’m on the phone or something and look the other way.
But seriously is there anything cuter than a pair of mini kicks for those chubby little feet to toddle around in. Here’s a selection of ones I’m loving right now.
kids kicks


My favourite ones have to be number 6. Love the colours and the classic design, they are velcro so easy to put on and off which is vital when you have a crazy little shoe obsessed toddler as your sidekick.
Which ones do you like?
Nat x

Madames Hutchinson and del Cerro go Turkish…by Elaine

October 14, 2014

This post is about our unique experience at a Hamam. The ultimate Turkish experience (discounting the Grand Bazaar stress, being awoken at 5am every single morning by the call to prayer, and our DISASTROUS DINNER), there was no way we could visit Istanbul and not have a Turkish bath.

Turkey. The country, not the bird. One of my dearest friends and I decided to extend a work trip into a mini girls’ holiday – what could be more fun than two travel-loving women spending a few days in Istanbul. Described as a city where East meets West, Asia meets Europe, we couldn’t resist.
Cemberlitas Hamam. See the photo? A little bit of hanging about wearing beautiful Turkish towels, chatting with one another whilst relaxing in the steamy, soothing vapours – perhaps with a glass of vino or such in hand; maybe even some music in the background.
My aunt had told me her experience had been fantastic. I didn’t ask for details. I mean, if a girlfriend told you she’d loved her facial, would you ask for specifics? Exactly.
Ms Hutchinson and I had had our share of facials and massages over the years. We were well-travelled women, not easily shocked nor daunted. This Turkish bath day was going to be a brilliant way of ending our otherwise disastrous mini-holiday.
You go inside, you pay and choose your ‘programme’. As it was our penultimate day, we decided to go wild and have the hamam with luxury massage at the end. We were already feeling refreshed and all exotic. In our lockers was a little plastic package containing a pair of black knickers and a robe with slippers. We put them on and off we trotted to the most beautiful bathroom we’d ever seen. The photo doesn’t lie here. It really was stunning.
A massive slab of marble lay in the centre of the high-ceilinged and mosque-like room. It was a very large circular slab, if you like, and it was heated. Bliss. Instructed to sit on the marble and remove our robes, we sat there quietly and expectantly. It was a bit awkward, topless and in a pair of ‘provided’ black knickers. At this point, the minds started to wonder “Do they dry clean these knickers? Are they in fact, REUSABLE? How many others have worn this exact pair?” Before one had time to process the thinking, our Ladies arrived.
Two women in their mid-sixties with very capable-looking hands. No smiles, no greetings, just straight to business. Perfect. Now, Ms Hutchinson and I are people that like a proper massage, not the wimpy Swedish type. We like to feel like we’ve been pummelled a little bit.
My Lady was a bit delayed in starting, so I had the benefit of seeing what my friend had to endure first, and had about 45 seconds to prepare myself. Those became the most vital 45 seconds of my life.
photo 1
Plastic bucket full of soapy water. Pillow case. Really? No loofah or essential oils? Miss H’s lady said something in a low voice, lifted up the bucket, shook it a bit then WHAM. No warning, no hint. Just a bucketful of water dumped right over my friend’s entire body, head first. Hilarious! Out came the rag from inside her t-shirt and she began scrubbing Ms Hutchinson, going hell for leather. I got the same treatment seconds later, but I knew what to expect, so had my mouth and eyes shut when my water-dumping happened.
When I say hell for leather, I’m not exaggerating. The ladies stripped off their black t-shirts and proceeded with the bathing ritual in just their black lace bras and black lace knickers. Surreal. Large, buss pass-aged women, with all their bits jiggling 2 inches from one’s face, furiously scrubbing away at their speechless victims. No English was spoken, so there was an awful lot of pushing, poking and grabbing to get us into the correct positions.
At one point, in her frustration at my lack of understanding the slaps on my left upper arm, my Lady grabbed my ankle and spun me around. Holy cow. 
Behind us, we saw one young American girl in her full-on Speedo swimming costume, arguing with her Lady about keeping her swimsuit on. There was no way she was going to don a pair of potentially previously-used knickers and no way on earth was she going to allow anyone to see her boobs. She kept her suit on and all we could hear was the snapping, twanging noises of her swimsuit being elastic-banded against her poor skin. No mercy shown to the prudish American.
The buckets were refilled, giving us time to whisper back and forth “What the effing eff is going on?” “I’m BLIND.” “I’m drowning.” “She took that rag to scrub me with out of her BRA, HER BRA!” “My knickers almost flew off, she threw that water at me so hard.” “This is not very relaxing.” “Oh fuck, they’re coming back.”
The second time around comprised even more soap suds in the buckets. The pillow cases were dunked inside and filled up with millions of bubbles. Expecting the pillowcase to be emptied over our heads, we both closed our eyes…and then BAM. No, they were not emptied over our heads. Our heads were smacked with them. No shame whatsoever. At this point, one could only laugh. Silently. Never in our lives did we imagine being whacked around the head with a pillowcase filled with soapy bubbles. We were paying good money for this, too.
Things started to slow down. The Ladies became a bit more gentle (guilt, we assumed) and would even make eye contact before slapping us on the arm or thigh to move around. Talk about being lulled into a false sense of security.
We were led to individual pools. Beautiful they were, see photo. It was over, at last, we could relax in the pool and pretend none of that happened. Gingerly stepping into the pool, desperately trying to regain some element of dignity, Ms Hutchinson and I looked at one another, laughed in relief – and then got shoved face first into the water. Yet again, another noseful of water. I almost wept. “REFRESH GOOD, GET OUT”. I wasn’t sure if my Lady wanted me to exit the pool or the hamam. When she instructed me to return to the marble slab, I think a small part of me died.
photo 2
I climbed out of the pool, holding onto my severely stretched-out and now beyond saggy knickers, and shuffled back to the slab of indignity. I looked at my friend. Her eyes were more bloodshot than if she’d gone to town on 5 bottles of vodka the night before. Soap in the eyes does that. 
The final ten minutes on the slab couldn’t be all bad. What else could they throw at us? We’d suffered it all. Water over the head, bubbles in the mouth, eyes so sore from all the water that we were almost blind, repositioned by our ankles and boobs.
Ms H and I really love to gab. A lot. We tire other people out with our talking, hand gesturing, loud histrionics and general non-stop yakking. In other words, we rarely have our mouths shut for long. This experience however, we’d learned to keep our gobs closed tight. Once things had come to a close, the Ladies were cleaning up, wringing out the pillowcases into the buckets…it was finally time for us to recommence the talking. I swear to god, Ms Hutchinson’s Lady was just waiting…just waiting until she had her mouth wide open, face turned towards me, mid-sentence….then came a full bucket’s worth of soapy, cold water SMACK BANG CENTRE in my dearest friend’s face. Thrown from around 1 foot distance, for maximum velocity and impact, I suspect — Ms Hutchinson almost slid backwards off the slab. It was truly amazing that she didn’t suffer whiplash. Cry with laughter? Holy mother of soap, I almost died. Before my Lady had time to take aim at me, I was off the slab, slipping and sliding as fast as I could out of there towards the massage room.
When we got back to the US, we asked our friends for the details about their hamam experiences. Expecting them to admit the brutal scrubbing and water torture with us now inner circle co-victims, we were rather taken aback when all of them said they’d had a wonderful, relaxing experience. 
Either Ms Hutchinson and I had one of our typical “It only happens to us” experiences, or our friends are sadists.
The post-bath massages were amazing though. 

Street Style Sunday – 80’s houndstooth

October 12, 2014

Houndstooth check is as classic as breton stripes both will never go out of fashion and both are key components of any woman’s wardrobe. Here I have a Moschino oversized coat courtesy of mum’s wardrobe. Oh mum how I love you. I remember looking at my mum in awe as a kid, she often looked like a film star in my young eyes. I have a few memories of some outfits I really wish I could lay my hands on now, like the silk navy with white spots long dress that came in at the waist and flared out at the skirt, oh how I adored that dress. However I can’t complain really she’s left me some corkers – like this oversize houndstooth 80’s beauty.




Skinny jeans – Uniqlo, Trainers – Adidas Originals

Some other oversized coat loveliness in the shops right now:




Oversized coats


Click on image for details.
I hope you’ve got your winter coat by now and if not I’d be quick the days of going out without a coat are sadly over.
Nat x

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Slugs & Snails tights for boys (and girls)

October 9, 2014

Tights are an essential for us in this household especially in this weather. I like to pair them with some denim cutoffs or a dress to make the kid’s summer wardrobe go that bit further. I’m loving these Slugs & Snails tights and their fab designs. Not only are the designs great (see more here) but they are made from the softest organic cotton and are thick and durable to keep their little tootsies cosy and warm without irritation all winter. They were originally designed with boys in mind, but as we all know ladies we aren’t about to let the boys keep a good thing to themselves!

We got to test out the Autumn and Trunk Slugs & Snail tights c/o Kyna Boutique and they quickly became a wardrobe favourite.


Is your child fascinated with other people’s shoes? She had just ‘borrowed’ some Thomas wellies when I took this shot.


The best thing about photographing a nearly 2 year old (except those chubby little legs of course) is that the photos cannot ever be staged and I just love that.


If you would like to get some Slugs & Snails tights for your little girl or boy then head over to Kyna Boutique where you’ll find them and lots of other fantastic organic clothes for kids. Make sure you have a look at POPUPSHOP one of my current fave brands.

Natalie x

Ski & Snowboard Show

October 8, 2014

This year I’ll be attending the Ski & Snowboard Show in London. And amazingly I have 2 free tickets to give away!

There’s tons for kids to do. So it would be a great family day out.


James_North_Photo_6761 James_North_Photo_8357 James_North_Photo_8656  James_North_Photo_9634 kids slide



The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show North will takes place at EventCity, Manchester from 24-26 October 2014.
The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show London will take place at Earls Court 2, London from 30 October – 2 November 2014.  
 North Ticket Prices
Adult £10
Concession £7
Student £4
Children 11-16 £4
Children Under 11 FREE
Family (2 adults, 2 children) £22
London Ticket Prices
Adult £12
Concession £9
Student £5
Children 11-16 £5
Children Under 11 FREE
Family (2 adults, 2 children) £25
Après £5
I’ll see you at the Apres-ski bar!
To win 2 free tickets for the London show leave a comment below. The winner will be picked next week.
Natalie x

The Coatwalk event

October 8, 2014

As I’ve already mentioned I attended an event called Coatwalk last week organised by the Jacques Vert group, which is helping to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Here are my pictures from the event. And just in case you think the brands which include Kaliko, Planet, Windsmoor, Dash, Precis Petite, Minuet Petit, and Eastex are not your cup of tea hopefully the pictures of me modelling my favourite coats will make you think again. At the moment they have up to £50 off selected coats and if you purchase one in October £10 will automatically be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support – a charity very close to my heart after I lost my very special uncle to cancer 18 years ago.

The dramatic venue was right near Big Ben.



The event was hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky, who looked stunning in her beautiful red gown. There were many other celebrities there too including an idol of mine – Jo Wood.





The catwalk was walked by an array of models, celebrities, and people connected with Macmillan Cancer Support somehow – whether they were volunteers, workers or cancer survivors – it made for a very awe-inspiring and touching afternoon/ evening.


Me and the lovely Kimberley Marren (model and actress)  modelling our favourite coats.






I have to confess this last coat stole my heart for absolute favourite. Which one do you prefer?


Remember if you purchase a coat in October £10 will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.


Natalie x





Motherhood by Elaine

October 7, 2014

Some women are born mothers. They know from a young age that all they want to do is be a mother when they grow up. They love to babysit young babies and play at being mummy. Me? I remember one time I was in the garden holding a baby called Angela. I dropped her by accident. I instinctively knew it was wrong but the baby didn’t cry so I assumed she was fine and nobody needed to know. (Sorry to Angela and her family). I never yearned for a sibling apparently and don’t really remember playing with my older brother. When my sister came along, there’s photographic evidence that I played Nurse with her. Me in a stylish nurse outfit next to Jude in her crib. She’s still alive, so all went fine. As we got older, I used to fight cat and dog with her. I distinctly recall making her play Dog, with a dressing gown belt around her neck as a lead and my forcing her to eat food from the bowl on the floor. I would like to think it was a way of fulfilling my wish to own a dog, but who knows.
In my twenties and thirties, I loved holding babies. Not children that talked and were generally irritating, but I did love a fat, squidgy baby to cuddle. I had a bit of practice with my nephew and niece in my brother’s family, and then a whole lot more when my sister had her first two sons. My sister used to tell me off when I’d tell my brother’s five year old son “I don’t want to play with you anymore.” He’d ask why and I’d reply “I’m bored.” It just wasn’t in my nature to talk like a toddler or make up a story. Natural mother material, no?

So when I became pregnant (through choice) at the age of 37, I figured I was ready. I’d been told a gazillion times that when one had their own child, everything would be different. No more gagging and retching at vomit or pooh. No more reaching DefCon 5 every time a child had a tantrum within a 5 foot perimeter of me.

They lied. The first time the Boy threw up milk vomit, I almost dropped him on the floor. When he’d have his exorcist-like temper tantrums, I’d have to give MYSELF a time out. Oddly enough, the pooh, no matter how horrendous, never bothered me. My husband got all the gagging and eye-watering reactions with anything pooh-associated.

I read books on how to raise a baby and maintain sanity. Swaddle and shush him. Stick him on a washing machine for the vibrations. Sleep when he sleeps. Of course, being the offspring of myself and The Husband, our Boy was never going to be the typical baby or toddler.

He loved being swaddled. Tighter than a haggis. So tight that when I wrapped and had to tug extra hard with the cloth, The Husband would wince and exclaim “This is cruel!”. “He LOVES it” I’d say, with one foot on the bed frame, hoiking as hard as I could on the swaddling cloth. He loved being shushed. At the volume of a Chinook helicopter. When one tries to shush that loud, it’s impossible not to spit out at least half a gallon of saliva. Classy. And yes, the movement/vibration thing – the Boy loved it. Not the half-arsed swaying in the arms like in the movies. Oh no, that would just piss him off. He had to be swung so fast and furiously that if ever I had to do it in public, I was terrified that a) someone would report me to social services b) I’d swing him so hard, he’d fly across the room.. In the car he was brilliant. He slept soundly until we stopped for more than 15 seconds…cue ear-piercing yells of indignation. Cue stomping up and down on the brake in stationary position until the light changed. Goodbye coffee in the cup holder.

Our Boy ate leaves in the playground, kissed the dog daily and one cat would sleep in the cot when the baby wasn’t in there. He was never hand-sanitized, and we had the 5 minute rather than second rule. I did the ‘spit on a tissue found at the bottom of my bag and wipe his face clean’ more than a few times when I didn’t have wipes to hand. We did a lot of improvisation. He wanted to eat and I wanted to cook at the same time, so I’d use things to prop his bottle – a toy, a rolled up swaddle cloth etc. Bananas were the best, by the way. The baby got his bottle and mama was able to make dinner. We’d sit and watch Law and Order together for the first 6 months. I’d teach him all the non-politically correct nursery rhymes.

He learnt to walk using the dog. She’d let him roll all over her and use her as his walking aid. The world’s most patient and loving dog. Ever. I won’t deny that I was a bit miffed that I wasn’t the one to encourage his first steps, but I’m not sad that it was the dog that got that honour. She more than likely got his first smile too.

Incredibly, The Husband and I have managed to produce an amazing and hilarious three and half year old boy. It would be arrogant to assume it’s our parenting that should take the credit, though.


photo 2-2


Style Me Sunday – New hat

October 5, 2014

Yesterday I attended a wonderful event called Coatwalk organised by the Jacques Vert group to raise money for Macmilan Cancer Support, (more details to come in the week once I’ve had a chance to edit all the photos) it was the perfect occasion to wear my new hat. I’ve been on the look out for a hat for ages. I wanted a hat that would work in the summer and winter months, but summer passed by and I still hadn’t found it, until yesterday that is.  Now it wasn’t exactly cheap at £65 from Jaeger, but I think for the amount of wear I’ll get out of it, it’s worth it. There is a strong possibility that my hairbrush will now become redundant, and it will definitely speed up the amount of time I spend getting ready for the school run.


You’ve seen this outfit before here, so I won’t go into details. But yes I have nicked another one of my husband’s work shirts. If you can’t ‘borrow’ a shirt from someone – go here.


I added my new houndstooth scarf purchased at a recent friend’s clothes party – see their fb page here for details.


I’ve recently come across Lulu Winter a great jewellery website, try layering a couple of your favourite necklaces like I’ve done here to add interest.

Have you purchased a new hat recently? What do you think of mine?

Nat x


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My Panda Baby

October 2, 2014

Instead of being annoyed at my little one for touching my make up, I’m embracing it. After all it’s only make up and she’s just a baby. A bloody cute one at that. So this is the result:






It was a combined effort. These are the pics before it got a little how of hand! We now call her Panda Baby.

Since I said (in my post here) she was screaming every time I tried to do anything, things have gotten a little easier, I haven’t given in to her and I think I’m winning this mini battle. Bring on the next 10,000 ha! So if you’re going through the same struggle stick to your guns and it’ll pass.

Have a great day guys.


Nat x



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