What’s in my bag?

March 4, 2015

Marks and Spencer have launched a new dedicated baby section. It just so happens that quite a few of my friends are pregnant or have recently had babies, so this is a great place for them to check out and for you guys too. In honour of the new section they asked me, a mum of two girls –  what’s in your bag? So here’s it is:


what's in my bag - M&S


My make up bag, sunglasses, diary, phone, purse and of course a camera – usually the one I was taking this picture with though. I try and stay a bit minimal and only go out with my absolute essentials.


Hahahaha. Who the heck am I kidding??? If that was all that was in my bag it would be a hallelujah moment for sure. I don’t think the insides of my bag have ever looked like this.


Here’s what REALLY in bag!


what's really in my bag - M&S


The picture above reminds me a tiny bit of Tracey Emin’s – My bed, although not nearly half as exciting.


Thats’ not my kitten book (a distraction tactic), a puzzle piece (no idea where the rest of the puzzle is, but one piece of a puzzle definitely comes in handy now and again), Myth Mac lipstick (always), a battered old cheque book (yes I still use cheques occasionally), my camera instructions manual, my diary, a bit of old (and probably dirty) tissue, various receipts, a car charger for an unknown object, Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham (unread of course), sunglasses, 50 SPF face cream (trying to avoid any more wrinkles), my purse (with no money in, only cards – like the Queen), an oyster card, an alarm thingy, toe nail clippers (no idea), chewing gum, and a couple of toy trinkets my girls undoubtedly ask me to keep as safe as possible until we got home about 3 months ago. Oh and a clippy things from Ikea to keep the contents of half eaten packets fresh.  And an untold amount of crumbs.


So here you have it, that’s what’s in my bag.


Here’s some striped items from the new section that I think all you new or pregnant mamas will love, and a gorgeous bag to fill with a load of crap essentials like mine:


£65 Travel baby bag



£16 Pure cotton chunky shawl. 


£16 Knitted Stripe All in One


What’s in your bag? Care to share over on Instagram?


Nat x


N.B I was offered a voucher in return for this post. 

My Top 12 tips on feeding your baby

March 3, 2015

There is nothing like mentioning the word breastfeeding to polarise or to get people’s backs up quite so brilliantly. Whether you are an advocate of it or you think that breastfeeding is akin to cannibalism (erm yeah someone actually said that), no one other than you has the right to decide or make you feel bad about how you feed your baby.


As a midwife and breastfeeding specialist I have met many women who have almost killed themselves trying to do what they think is the best thing for their baby. Sometimes breastfeeding just doesn’t happen for whatever reason. Be in tongue-tie or poor latching, excruciating pain etc etc ( true low supply milk supply – one of the most common reasons breastfeeding doesn’t succeed is rarer than you think, its often associated with something else). Sometimes women need someone else to say “do you know what, you’ve given this thing a really go and it’s just not working, it’s ok stop” And that is just as important for me to recognise that and say it as it is to help a women who is having poor attachment problems and helping her to change her positioning and go on to have a happy breastfeeding journey.


In truth it is much more important that a baby has a well and mentally-healthy mum that enjoys their time as a mum of a newborn than someone who is on the verge of a breakdown, who literally shudders with dread every time that tiny little mouth opens up looking for milk. If the latter description sounds familar – seek help. Don’t sit there in silence, help is out there. If you don’t get that help straight away, keep asking. You do not have to suffer in silence and take the pain, guilt and burden all on your own.


If however you are pregnant or new on your breastfeeding journey here’s my top 12 tips to breastfeeding success, if that’s what you choose to do:


1. I like to prepare for the worst sometimes, and breastfeeding is one of those times.  Don’t expect it to be easy and come as natural as some people will make you believe it is. If it is really easy – great, nothing lost, happy days. But some women find it tough and I don’t want that to be a complete bolt-out-of-the-blue surprise for you if it is hard-work.


2. Positioning – is probably the single most important component to successful breastfeeding. Nipple-sucking is too easy to get in the habit of. Stuff as much of that boob in a nice wide open mouth as possible. You’ve had a baby there’s no point in me mincing my words, dignity is now a thing of the past now. I will go into the exact mechanisms of positioning in another post, or if you can’t wait here’s a positioning video I found quite good.  Also don’t be too gentle when positioning your baby, you need to direct your baby firmly and confidently, many new mums are way too gentle to direct their baby’s effectively at first and the baby gets easily frustrated because of this.


3. As already touched upon briefly, one of the most popular reasons people stop breastfeeding is because they believe they have low milk supply. The first few days are key here. For the first 3/4 days you have colostrum, this is a honey-like substance that is nutritionally very rich. Babies need tiny amounts of this in the first days of their lives. They come with extra padding that is designed to accommodate this time. If you stimulate the breast lots during the first few days to will reap the rewards when you’re milk comes in and you will most likely resemble Dolly Parton on crack (massive boobs and extreme tiredness will do that). Supply and demand.


4. Get the first breastfeed in as soon after the birth as you can manage (circumstances depending). Or if that isn’t happening skin to skin with you, dad or a willing birth partner is great too.


5. Babies are often very sleepy for the 1st 24 hours or so after the initial feed. Don’t fret, but it’s a good idea to keep attempting to feed your baby every 4-6 hours, by waking them up. Don’t be shy here, you may need to start taking clothes off, making them not so cosy.


6. Babies typically are extremely hungry after they ‘wake’ up from their sleepy phase. It is not uncommon for them to feed like a trojun for 24hrs. It helps to increase the milk coming in. It’s a tough and extremely tiring time I’m not going to lie, but have faith that it doesn’t last forever.


7.  Don’t even think about dieting, eat plenty, and have snacks at the ready. There’s plenty of time to get rid of any baby weight, when you have gotten over the initial weeks of madness adjusting to life with a baby.


8. Before you settle down to feed, grab a big glass of water (you were hoping I said wine weren’t you?). Drink, drink and drink some more (water!!!).


9. Sleep. Sleep when your baby sleeps as often as humanly possible. Don’t try and be a super hero and do the washing or hoovering, they can wait. Or better still grab with both hands of anyone who offers to do it for you.


10. Don’t work around your visitors. If you’re baby is hungry – feed them. And don’t even think about making tea or worst still lunch for visiting relatives. Point them in the direction of the kettle and tea bags. If you’re having a tough day, say no, rearrange, or just bloody cancel the visit – good friends will understand.


11. Following on from 10 – feed your baby when they are hungry. They will go thru so many ups and downs. Times when they are having a growth spurt and need to get more milk in, go with it, it will not last long. It is difficult to fathom getting into a routine in the first month. It often happens naturally, but if it doesn’t and that is really important to you, you can try and start the process of a routine after the first month or so.


12. Feed on one side until the breast is empty and very little is coming out. If your baby starts getting agitated after approximately 20-30 of feeding this is a sign you should consider swapping sides to give your baby a top-up from the other breast, or even another whole feed if they are particularly hungry.



And lastly whatever you do, however you decide you decide to feed your baby it has to work for you and your baby – do not feel pressured from others  around you to feed your child how ‘they did it.’


I want to say enjoy it, however I remember how annoying that was when people would say it to me, but I really do miss that special time now.


Very happy to answer any questions you may have.


Love Nat x


Drunk on milk

Drunk on milk

baby and mum

Street Style Sunday – Gray Label

March 1, 2015


As you know I love colour and patterns, but when I saw the Gray Label products on Desmond Elephant’s website there was something about the pared-back style that really attracted me. Desmond Elephant have a habit of choosing a wonderful range of (mainly) unisex clothes to clothe little ones in the most stylish threads.


Gray Label – “Organic apparel for the little minimalist”

“Quality basics with a focus on sustainability. No teddies or prints, just the softest organic cotton we could find.”


And that quality certainly does come through. Sometimes you don’t need slogans, logos, or frills, it’s nice to put the kids in really well made clothes suitable for baby soft skin that screams effortless, non-gimmicky style.


Gray Label is just one of the amazing brands that Desmond Elephant stock, some of my other favourites are: The Bright CompanyHello Apparel, and Nadadelazos.


graylabel2 graylabel3 graylabel4

Desmond Elephant - Gray Label



Would you like to win your own item of Gray Label (from what’s available on the Desmond Elephant Website) for the little person in your life? If so, see Style Me Sunday Instagram for details on how you can.


Gray Label has been very popular recently but fret not Desmond Elephant have much more coming in July.



Nat x


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The Importance of Being Me! by Gemma

February 27, 2015

For those of you who don’t know me, I am mum to two gorgeous, loveable, cheeky children, my two-year-old daughter Coco and my nearly five-month-old son Raffy. I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mum to my brood, although I do sometimes like to pretend that I am still a freelance publicist on a “career break” (another post for another time I think). I am busy. On some days I feel like I have just about got this whole mother of two gig down pat, and some days, just like yesterday, I don’t have a bloody clue. A day where everyone screams and no one sleeps. For the last four weeks my very beautiful boy has been waking every two hours almost to the minute, and my darling daughter has started playgroup. Imagine a very tired mummy, dealing with major meltdowns each morning, whilst still trying to keep up with the washing. I now have mouth ulcers.

So you can understand why, when my lovely husband agreed to look after the kids for an afternoon so I can have a much-needed massage at our local salon, I could have cried with delight. As the day fast approached I spent quite a bit of time in a sleep-deprived daze, daydreaming about said massage, but when the day finally arrived I felt a mixture of feelings, mainly guilt. Why do us mummies do this to ourselves? More than once recently I have held back the tears, wishing, dreaming and demanding some “me” time, but when push comes to shove why do us mums deny ourselves the break we so richly deserve. Here I was, leaving the house for just a few short hours, and instead of grabbing this time by the chops and kissing it on both cheeks, I was going to squander it feeling guilty. I was simply unable to shift the feeling that somehow I was shirking my responsibilities… the baby needs breastfeeding/he’s shoddy with the bottle, Coco wants to make cookies, the house needs tidying. At my old job I would have been entitled to 20 days off AND bank holidays, in my new role as mother/dairy cow/pretend tiger, one full day would be a luxury.

That is not to say I don’t love my new post as mother of two. The kids, whilst crazed, are charming and very, very funny. And you’ll be unsurprised to learn that I did manage to switch off and I spent just minutes thinking about when to wean Raffy and where that dodgy smell in the hallway is coming from (please not a dead mouse!). As a consequence, I came back refreshed, full of the joys and certainly less frazzled. An important lesson: like all the best mums, sometimes you just need some time to be “Me”.


Gemma x

Kids who ski

February 25, 2015

Continuing on with the snow and skiing theme, Alex and Alexa have got some great items for kids who ski in their sale. So whether you are just about to nip off to the Alps with the family or you just want to stock up on next year’s ski gear, here’s some ski kit you won’t want to miss out on.


Boots now – £33.30 


Ski Suit now – £149.50

Beanie now – £15

Jacket now – £106.50

Boots now – £67.50



I can’t wait to take my girls skiing, maybe next year once the youngest is 3 we will venture to the snowy mountains somewhere.


Any tips or hints on best places to go with little ones, gratefully appreciated.


Nat x

Snow and skiing by Elaine

February 24, 2015


It’s quite cold in DC. No sh*t, Sherlock. In Fahrenheit it reads 14F. In Celsius that translates to -11C.

I am a Brit and a female, so of course I relate to the drama that is the minus sign. Whenever I want a pity party for myself, looking at temperatures that start with a – sign makes me feel better (and the situation appear that much MORE TRAGIC).

As I write this, outside the ground is blanketed with snow. It arrived on Saturday and was received with good humour and less hysteria than the ‘never-happened SNOW STORM’ that was predicted for the week before.

Whenever it snows, of these things we can be certain: DC will screech to a halt. Schools will close. Supermarket shelves will be emptied. Canadians will shake their heads in pity. Bostonians will balk in derision (it’s snowed there every day since New Year’s Eve).

Anyhow, I can handle the snow, it’s beautiful and everywhere is eerily silent. What pisses me off is the biting wind and bone-chilling temperature. Even more so, the actually having to BE in it. Then when it turns to slush and ice, it’s a whole different matter and I hit Bitterness Level 5.

Having my left foot in the post-op storm trooper boot has proved interesting. Last week, I went out with it wrapped very stylishly in a white bin bag, secured with elastic bands. LA CLASSE. Any hopes of people not noticing the portable dustbin at the end of my leg were dashed by Mateo announcing to every and anyone in a high-pitched voice “LOOK. My mummy has a broken foot.”. Thanks, son.

This is probably why skiing doesn’t appeal to me. Spend 4 hours in minus temps, wearing heavy boots and other downy efforts, risking both public humiliation, pain and general misery. I think not. Been there, done that and I’ve no urge to repeat the experience.

France, school ski-trip many moons ago in Notre Dame de Bellecombe. I still cringe at the memory of sliding backwards, bum in the air, INBETWEEN the two pommel lift lines either side of me, only stopping when I hit the machinery at the bottom. I had the dents from my ski boots rendered into my shins for days after. A constant reminder of my extraordinary malcoordination.The final insult was having French 2 year olds slaloming past me, sans poles or fear, whilst I made my way down the slope on my bum, poles MIA and my dignity somewhere in a far-off snow pile.

Dry ski slope hell happened too. My fingers got caught in the “ground” that’s supposed to resemble snow. Yes, I was hanging on for dear life, literally.

I’ve photos of my mother skiing. My ability, therefore, must come from my father. This, I swear, is why one never sees oriental people skiing. If they do, they’re wearing balaclavas – it’s not to keep their faces warm, it’s to stop anyone from recognizing them.

Give me a beach with the sun so hot that it warms my bones. A tan (light, not Miss Universe shades) makes even the sickliest of folk look healthy.

The Husband is a natural skier. He is dying to get our boy on the slopes. Our toddler loves the cooler temps, hates the ocean and isn’t a fan of heat (what the heck? If I’d not actually given birth to him…). He will probably be a natural on the slopes. One of those irritating small things zooming down the blues and reds with abandon. I shall watch from the deck of a lovely restaurant with a large hot chocolate in hand, dressed like Audrey Hepburn in Charade (think mink, head to toe) with 7 layers of thermals underneath.



Street Style Sunday – Stripes and spots

February 22, 2015

Regular readers will recognise this trusty old spotted skirt from ASOS. Here I’ve revived it again by pairing it with my new striped shirt from Atterley Road, showing you how easy it is to work that spots and stripes trend. Even if you think it won’t go, experiment with different items in your wardrobe, the best way to tell if they do work or not is to take a picture of yourself in the mirror or get someone else to do it and then you can evaluate your outfit much more objectively.


Ever since Moschino expertly showcased spots and stripes down the catwalk, I’ve wanted to try the combination together, but it hasn’t quite worked out until today when I tried these two items of clothing and somewhat to my surprise it worked (well at least I thought so!).


Atterley Road striped shirt Atterley Road striped shirt



Do you think you would wear spots and stripes together?


The more observant of you will notice I’ve had a big chop. Yesterday I had a about 3 inches cut off and I got rid of all my horrible old dry, processed hair – I’m going  back to my roots and growing a big old afro!


Nat x


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Featured on M&Co website

February 19, 2015

M&Co have just launched their Heavenly Bump Maternity wear – see my feature interview on their Style Blog below.



Award-winning blogger, Mum to two little ones and working some serious style… With the launch of Heavenly Bump Maternity wear at M&Co, we just had to catch up with the lovely Natalie from Style Me Sunday.

Name: Natalie

Introduce us to your blog: My blog is Style Me Sunday it’s an award-winning blog and it’s for mum interested in all things stylish.

What made you decide to start blogging? I started blogging whilst I was on Maternity leave with my 2nd baby, I really didn’t want to go back to work but I did want something to exercise my mind that I would enjoy interspersed with the nappies and baby talk.

Tell us about your style…  My style is mostly quite feminine, I like a good silhouette that compliment my curves. I think vintage styles like 50’s/60’s/70’s suit me best.

Where do you get your wardrobe inspiration?  Mainly from magazines and browsing the internet. I also love a bit of street style and charity shop browsing.

Is blogging your day job or do you have another occupation?  Blogging has now turned into a full time job, along side motherhood of course.

Your blog revolves around your children and fashion lifestyle but how do you juggle blogging with being a mum? That’s the beauty of my work, I do little bits when I can, like at nap time, early mornings and late at night. Also my eldest goes to school and my youngest goes to nursery a couple of days a week. I really need to up her days at nursery but I can’t bear too, this time is too precious and I want to enjoy it as much as possible.


If you could meet any top blogger, who would it be and why? Actually I’ve probably met all the bloggers I adore, Like Erica Davies from Modern Mummy Musthaves and Julia from Stylonylon. But if I’m pushed to find one maybe Mademoiseller Robot.

What style are you currently obsessed with? 70’s denim.

What’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without and why? YSL touché éclat – an eye bag saviour.

Who’s your celebrity style crush? Solange Knowles and Olivia Palermo

As we have just launched Heavenly Bump maternity wear, we would love to know who your celebrity style crush was when you were pregnant? Did it differ? Well I can’t remember who was actually pregnant at the time I was, but I loved Fearne Cottons pregnancy style, Sienna Miller’s and Gwen Stefani always rocked it well.


What’s your favourite piece from our new maternity range and why would it be perfect for a maternity wardrobe? The grey polka dot top looks comfy and super stylish the key elements I look for in  any maternity wear.

Do you prefer to shop online or in-store? Definitely online, my kids always want to play hide and seek in clothes shops under the clothes rails, and I end up having about a thousand heart attacks.

If you had to share one piece of fashion advice what would it be? Explore what styles suits your shape.

Finally, any essential advice for mums-to-be? Don’t buy every baby gadget out there, small baby’s need relatively little. Go with your instincts, relax and enjoy the ride!

Thanks Natalie! Check out our full maternity range now!

Hope you liked my interview.
Nat x

Chinese New Year by Elaine

February 17, 2015

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. On February 19th, billions of Chinese folk will bid farewell to the Horse and welcome in The Year of the Ram. Or sheep. Or goat.

I’m not actually sure which animal is the correct one. Sorry, dad.

Regardless, all the pictures show a woolly creature.

The Chinese use a lunar calendar, hence their new year falling in late January/February each year.

Similar to the western horoscopes, the Chinese have a zodiac with each birth sign depicted by an animal. Unlike western astrology, it is by birth year not month–though there are still 12 in play.

I am an Ox born in 1973. Every 12 years, another Ox is born.

An OX. When I was younger, I was really miffed about being a massive cow. I didn’t care that it was a hard-worker etc. I wanted to be a Tiger.

Anyway, in order, the 12 animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep/Ram/Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

You can look up your animal in the attached pic. Note that in this calendar, it’s a Sheep. Hm.

Whether you call it The Year of the Goat, Sheep or Ram, it doesn’t really matter. In Chinese, it’s a milk-yang. Of course, there is no direct translation. The important thing is that the three animals in contention represent the same thing (as well as producing milk):


The furore therefore, is much ado about mutton.

Here’s a description of the auspicious creature:

“Except for the knack of always getting off on the wrong foot with people, the Goat/Sheep/Ram can be charming company. You are elegant and artistic but the first to complain about things. Put aside your pessimism and worry, and try to be less dependent on material comforts. You would be best as an actor, gardener, or beachcomber.”

Don’t take offence, the Ox is described:

“A born leader, you inspire confidence from all around you. You are conservative, methodical, and good with your hands. Guard against being chauvinistic and always demanding your own way. The Ox would be successful as a skilled surgeon, general, or hairdresser.”

Utter tosh. I’ve cut my son’s hair. I turned him into a Papua New Guinean jungle tribesman crossed with Kim Jong Un. Much like my Virgo characteristics, these descriptions should be taken with a large portion of fried rice.

As children, we were taken every year to annual Chinese New Year celebrations in Birmingham. Our father, being an important person in the British Chinese society, more or less demanded our presence.

It was noisy, packed with hundreds of guests speaking in all the different Chinese dialects. Everyone except us. The three children of the boss man COULD NOT SPEAK CHINESE. Again, sorry dad. The best part of the night was the banquet. Lobster. Divine. Really the only reason we kept attending as young adults.

The last time I attended with my parents, I was around 25. To my horror, I was called upon the stage to read out the numbered raffle ticket for the BIG prize of the evening. As the emcee kept gesturing at me, yelling my name into his microphone, I looked desperately at my mother. She looked at me pitifully. My father was nowhere to be seen, he was probably hiding in a cupboard downing cognac, knowing what was about to happen.

In the end, the emcee walked to our table and escorted me onto the stage. He said a lot of things in Chinese, none of which I understood but he made the audience laugh. My mother was blushing and laughing. I probably gave her the best death stare of my entire life.

The emcee passed me the winning ticket. “Read it in English AND Chinese please.” WTF. I read it in English, clapped and went to make my exit. “AND IN CHINESE TOO!”. Billy Ko. May you RIP, but I could have throttled you at that moment.

Feeling sweaty and panicked, I read the number out in Cantonese. Every time my toddler “counts”, which is basically random memorised shit, I’m transported back to that evening. I know I read the numbers out like a dim cat because Billy repeated it immediately and it sounded entirely different. I SWEAR he shoved me off to the left of the stage, too. The rest of the night, people kept coming to our table to greet my mother. Cue peals of hysterical laughter when they greeted me. My mother never did tell me what was said.

My father announced his resignation soon thereafter. He had been their president for over 25 years and was tired. I’d like to believe that was the only reason, though part of me suspects that the raffle ticket may have played a teeny part.



chinese new year

Getting our grove on with Big Fish Little fish

February 16, 2015


The weekend before last we were invited to attend Big Fish Little Fish (BFLF), and despite my hangover I can honestly say I had a great time, as did our girls. Basically it’s like a great big party for the kids but with music that you will love. No headache-inducing nursery rhymes or Frozen sing-alongs, this is about the adults and the kids enjoying themselves together at the same time. Doesn’t sound like it could work does it? But it really does. The kids and adults dance away whilst DJ Tayo (on this occasion) played a bit of funk and some funky house.  There are a lot of free activities for the kids that will keep them suitably entertained if they tire of dancing – like getting a transfer tattoo, lots arts and crafts activities, animals tails etc etc. There was even a chill-out room that housed soft play for the babes (not sure how much of a chill out that really is but it seems pretty serene when we went in there with suitably chilled music playing). It’s really well thought-out and organised.


We went to BFLF at Stratford Circus, as it is not far from where we live. It’s a great location, there’s tasty food available from the cafe in the middle and even alcohol too if you so wish (I’d had my fill the night before so I wasn’t tempted at all on this occasion).




big fish little fish - style me sunday

Big Fish Little Fish - Style Me Sunday

Big Fish Little Fish - Style Me Sunday

Big Fish Little Fish - Style Me Sunday

Big Fish Little Fish - Style Me Sunday


Big Fish Little Fish - Style Me Sunday


This little madam (below) had resisted her usual day time nap that day, so this is her plonking herself on the floor and having a bit of moment!


Big Fish Little Fish - Style Me Sunday


Upcoming parties:

Hackney Wick – 29th March

Balham – 19th April

Islington – 26th April


Price: Adults – £8, kids – £4.50, pre-walkers free.



A word of warning – they sell out fast so if you’re thinking of going don’t leave it long before you buy tickets. You and the kids will have a blast, and I can only see it growing (even further) in popularity. I wish I’d thought of this idea first, although I doubt I could’ve done it so well.


Nat x


Many thanks to Big Fish Little Fish for having my family and me, we really did have a brilliant time.


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