The difference between the UK and the US by Elaine

November 26, 2015

us uk flag

In a quote often mistakenly attributed to Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw said ‘England and America are two countries separated by the same language’.

That is not all, people. That is not all. Here are some random thoughts.

I moved to the US, DC specifically, some 14 years ago. I had no idea what living in the US would be like. I’d grown up on the telly diet of Dallas, Dynasty, Knight Rider etc. All are crap actually, when it comes to representing American culture.  There are no oil barons with alcoholic wives, no Princes of Moldova, nor talking cars that play a part in solving crime.

I had been told of massive shopping malls, big cars, bum bags & white trainers, loud voices and a gihuge number of television channels. All exist.

My first realisation that all was not as I thought it would be, was within the first few days of arriving. George Bernard Shaw was bloody spot on. Incredibly, there are loads of cultural differences between the UK and the US, not just the spelling and grammar.

Nobody knew what I was saying half the time. It was funny at first, then just became a royal pain in the bum. A roommate of mine once revealed that during our house share that lasted 1 year, most of that time he’d had NO idea what I was saying. Embarrassing. I tried to Americanise some words – water goes to wadder but the d is soft and the r is emphasised strongly. Say what?! If you have to repeat yourself more than twice, it’s time to use hand gestures. Or leave. Just don’t attempt an American accent. You will be seen as pitiful. I speak from experience.

I thought men wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots to balls (galas), a la JR Ewing, was a fallacy. I thought it utter nonsense that any grown man would commit such an odd outfit horror. I was so, so wrong. It happens. If you never spend any time in Texas or at an event where there are lots of rich Republicans, you may never actually see this. Trust me, though, it’s not an urban myth. There are levels of boot status. Crocodile (quite basic these days, apparently), hog leather and the ultimate – hippo skin. <retch>. The bigger your stetson, the better. I’ve been known to covet a few chapeaus. Anyway, moving on.

Strangers on the metro make eye contact and say Good Morning. The first time this happened, I recoiled so hard, I almost got whiplash. It took me a while to get used to it. New York is a different matter – much more like London in the dreadful unfriendliness and worry that you will get stabbed for smiling at the wrong person. The smells are similar too. <retch>

The public loo. To this day, I get weirded out by the massive gaps down the side of the cubicle door. You sit down, look ahead and see at least half of one person waiting in line. If you can see them, it’s only natural that they can see you. Right? On the loo, knickers around your ankles. WHY are the door gaps so wide??!! After you get over stagefright, you have to become a bit of a contortionist. To move yourself out of the viewing area, you turn your whole body to one side. Except the cubicle is so narrow, your knees hit the wall. Gross. You flush – the flush is so powerful, you try to step back to avoid getting wet. There is nowhere to move to, though. The cubicle is not just narrow, it’s short and tiny.  The door opens inwards, meaning you need to step back towards the loo that has no lid, and rub half your body against the wall. Gross, again. For a country that has such huge hotel bedrooms, it is insane that public loos are so small.

Tax is shown separately. For example, it says $1.50 for a coffee. You get to the till and they ask for $1.70. Eh? It’s not included, which is the norm in the UK. The worst was getting to the till with the exact change only to realise it wasn’t enough. My mum would DIE. For someone who prides herself on counting out the exact sodding change in pennies…

How folk eat <blood pressure rises>. Not going there.

Health insurance <brain almost explodes>. For another time.

All the above said and done, it’s the land of opportunity.  Those that work hard are able to take advantage of opportunities not afforded in other countries. If you work hard, you are applauded and encouraged.

Despite the present bullshit being spouted by The Donald and Surgeon Carson, it’s already a great country. These two muppets represent a small percentage of Americans and thankfully it doesn’t appear likely that either will win a seat in the White House. I shan’t get any deeper into politics as it’s a very sticky subject, much like religion. <raises eyebrow>

By Elaine

Why are we so shit at self-promotion?

November 25, 2015


I belong to a Facebook group that is full to the brim of business women, some businesses are small, some are larger, but what is clearly apparent is that these are successful, savvy, talented, creative women, yet many of us struggle with self-promotion, as a recent thread in the group showed.


One evening Esther initiated a conversation in the fb group:

“PLEASE tell me it’s not just me…
When someone asks what I do, I get lost for words. I mumble something about being a full time mum and also doing a little thing alongside it. When they ask what I say it’s making and selling stuff & I’ll get a little ‘oh good for you’ in response. I can see they are totally patronising me but EACH time I’m asked by someone new I can never come out with a bolder answer ‪#‎mustbemoreconfidentbusinesswoman‬


And what this sparked was a deluge of women, including myself, identifying and agreeing with her that they too were lacking in the skills of bigging themselves up. Why is it that when people ask me what I do, do I find it such an awkward question? I then provide a really crap, nervous, unconfident answer. Minutes later I’m kicking myself because I think, who knows what it might have lead to, if I was just ready and prepared with a shit hot answer.

Here’s some of the other comments in the thread:

Rachael: “Not just you … I tell people I’m an accountant & run my own practice BUT I only work school hours & I work from home rather than an office. Both are true but of no relevance as they are life style choices that we’ve made as parents as hubby travels a lot with work so I work part time to be there for our daughter & give her the support she needs with homework etc as she’s dyslexic but I need to stick with the first two facts only .. I’m an accountant and run my own practice!! Good luck and I’m sure we will get there.”

Gemma: “I am exactly the same! I don’t know why as I changed my career to do this. I felt I needed to be ‘present’ in my children’s lives (sorry, know that sounds a bit American but it kind of sums up how I was feeling – my other half is away a lot, and often at the drop of a hat, so felt they needed some stability). I should measure it as a success, I am achieving what I hoped for – making money and being there, yet instead I mumble “not much”!!! Why, I don’t know? Feel better knowing I’m not the only one – thanks xx”

Carly: “This is strange, I was thinking about this earlier today! I always play down what I do. I guess it’s a confidence thing…ultimately, I guess I don’t want people to think “oh, who is she to run her own business? Who hires her? She’s not good enough.”  So I play it down… I also mumble about what I do. I LITERALLY make my boyfriend practise conversations with me when we’re driving places, if I’m going to have to speak with somebody new that night. He laughs at me!!! This has become such an issue for me, that most recently, I’ve started trying to think about my “elevator pitch” and become super clear on what I tell people… Ha, glad it’s not just me!”

Maria: “I always do this. I’ve successfully worked for myself for over 7 years but I always neglect to tell people this. They all think I’m a SAHM…”

Hayley:  “feel exactly the same. 🙈 I always find myself slightly embarrassed. I babble on ‘I’m self employed, I run an online store, I blog a bit, I teach social media and BLUSH ! How ridiculous is that !!!!”


Believe me, there are tons more, but I’m very conscious readers that you don’t have all day:)


Why do we see good, proud, honest answers to that what do you? question as bragging, boasting, even ostentatious? We are doing ourselves a great disservice.

Is this lack of self-belief more a woman thing? Men don’t seem to struggle as much, or maybe they do and I just haven’t noticed?

Is it something that mothers, in particular, find problematic? I don’t remember being this vague with my answers in my mid-twenties.

Or is it just a British thing? Us brits are known for being particulary lacking when it comes personal PR.


I am quite aware that this post has asked plenty more questions then it has answered, but I feel that many of these don’t really have  answers, they are purely there to stimulate thought, and ultimately action. And at the end pif the day it’s good to hear we’re not the only ones who are crap at this.


After a fair few more comments in a similar vein we starting getting some comments that offered some helpful tips for ways in which we can stop the feeble, mumbled responses and actually start giving people what they want to hear and tell them straight what we are doing in a confident, clear, concise and positive light…


…But that my friends is for another day, I feel like I’ve had your attention for long enough for now.


We owe it to ourselves, to our children, to potential collaborators to be better and to work on this.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this?


Nat x


Special thanks to my contributors:

Rachael –

Gemma –

Hayley –

Esther –

Carly –

What's so tough about self-promotion?

Street Style Sunday – Birthday zoo fun

November 22, 2015


Busy and the Boy is just one of those online boutiques that you come across and you want to clothe the kids in everything they have to offer. Selling many of my favourite brands such as Popupshop, Finger in the Nose, Mini Rodini, Someday Soon, and Nununu you won’t struggle to find cool garments for boys and girls.


Last weekend we went to the zoo for our youngest’s 3rd birthday. Colchester zoo is easily my favourite zoo ever and it was the perfect occasion for the kids to don their new Popupshop threads.


tiger print jumpsuit from busy and the boy

feeding a parrot at colchester zoo

watching a lion at colchester zoo


parrot at colchester zoo

bobble hat from my 1st years

Butterfly birthday cake

penguin at colchester zoo

Feeding the penguins

Butterflies at Colchester Zoo



tiger print jumpsuit from busy and the boy



Tiger print jumpsuit | panda dress | bobble hat


My very talented mother-in-law made that beautiful butterfly cake, we keep telling her she’s needs to give up the day job and just start selling’s cakes, her meringues (crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle) are legendary.


What I love most about Colchester zoo is that you can get really up, close and personal to the animals. The birthday girl also got to feed the penguins, who gobbled up her fishy offerings rather quickly. If there’s any other zoos that you love, do let me know so we can visit.


If you want to shop for great clothes for your mini stylers, like the ones above, then head on over to Busy and the Boy and get ready to oooo and ahhh.


Hope you’re having a great weekend.


Love Nat x


We were sent the clothing to review, all opinions are entirely my own. 


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Street Style Sunday – Wanderlust life

November 15, 2015


Turquoise attracts friendship, luck and happiness. Chalcedony symbolises calm and composure and offers confidence. So I’m covering my bases here and wearing both. In fact I’d rather have a piece of jewellery in each semi- precious stone Wanderlust Life have and pick whichever one I thought was appropriate for that day.



necklace - aquamarine



Before I got the necklaces I was attracted to the simplicity and daintiness of them, however I was slightly concerned that with small people hanging off my neck for a good proportion of the day, the reality is that they wouldn’t last long. However I’ve certainly been proven wrong. The first necklace I received over 6 weeks ago and have worn every day since – they are much more robust than they look. Luckily.


wanderlust jewellery


gold & silk turquoise drop bracelet - wanderlust


shoreditch street style - wanderlust life

red lipstick and leopard print leotard

earrings | necklace | bracelet


It’s also worth having a look at their lovely new collection too, which I’m also coveting.


Follow them on Instagram @wanderlustlifejewellery and find out how other people are wearing theirs – your vibe attracts your tribe.


Have a great Sunday!


Love Nat x


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Chemo Snood Head – Now Go Check Your Bits

November 11, 2015


I came across the bald head, sparkly eyes and huge enchanting smile whilst perusing the discover section of Instagram late one night (as you do). I was intrigued by the various and imaginative head gear, I thought if I was intrigued then you’d want to be introduced to her too. So I’m handing over the baton to @fizzysnood aka Chemo Snood Head:



In July 2014, I was diagnosed with Cancer.


Triple negative breast cancer to be precise, which needless to say floored me. Once over the initial tirade of emotions that come with such a diagnosis, I was given my treatment plan, which was going to happen like this.


 1. Surgery: Breast conserving and full lymph clearance = ouch.
2. Chemotherapy: Six rounds over 18 weeks = terrifying.
3. Radiotherapy: Daily for four weeks = sounds like a breeze, but in reality, not.


 Surgery done, chemo looming, I was wandering aimlessly around Brightons North Laine feeling utterly low at the prospect of losing my hair (which at that point was long, blonde – bottle version – and curly) As if in some sort of drug-like  haze, I found myself in my hairdressers. Sitting in the barbers chair, I instructed a shocked Jason to shave off half of my hair, give me a buzz cut. Reluctantly he did.


Elated to have taken control, and loving my do  I no longer felt scared (well, I felt a bit less scared)  about the looming hair loss. In my surprising new attitude, I thought, let some good come from this frankly shitty situation. That good came in a moment of inspiration of donning a different piece of headgear every day for a year, taking a selfie, and posting it on social media.


Chemo Snood Head – Now Go Check Your Bits was born.


The idea was this:
a)  To raise a little cash for Macmillan, who are just brilliant on all levels. Ive so far raised £15,710 and counting.


b) To encourage my audience to check their bits, to help with early diagnosis. #NowGoCheckYourBits. 


c) To give me a reason to get up every day, put some make up on (far too vain to post make-up free selfie) and find something creative to put on my head.


To begin with it was all quite normal, a headscarf here, a lampshade there, but as time and my treatment went on I let me creativity flow. Bread head on Day 15 is still a firm favourite, Radiohead on Day 138 is a classic. Philip Treacy lending me one of his masterpieces for Day 136 was a when I knew I was on to something.


chemo snood head - philip treacy


It really did get me through the low days – and continues to. The shitty days through chemo when I felt and looked so vile, I made Courtney Love with a hangover look pulled together. On the days, post-treatment, when I cant work in my building and renovation company again because of the nerve damage in my arm, I gave me a reason to keep going. The response from the ever increasing number of followers who inspire and delight me with their love, encouragement and unadulterated support they’ve all keep me going.


As for my hair it is growing now back, but I’m shaving it on a weekly basis in solidarity of all those who are experiencing hair loss as a result of medical conditions – chemo, alopecia et al. I’m also shaving my face on a regular basis, as I appear to have hair in equal quantity on my chin as I do on my head, and I have no desire to become the next bearded lady.


So although my challenge is officially over, I continue day to day, looking at the world in a very different way,  I spend my day wondering how could I get that teapot to stay on my head long enough for me to take a selfie, or delighting at  being approached by some of the most talented and creative milliners in Britain wanting to donate or lend their wares.
My hope is that someone, somewhere, is checking her bits, having a fondle every day. Making a note of what their “normal” feels like, so in the event of a lump rearing its ugly head, theyll know that something is not quite right and go straight to their GP. Because if that lump does turn out to be cancer, the earlier its found the more chance well have of kicking the living daylights out of it.


Active treatment now finished, I am of course delighted to still be here to tell the tale and continue my fundraising efforts for Macmillan who have been with me from day one and continue to be here as I recover from my treatment. If every reader of this could spare a £1 it could significantly go towards Macmillan helping the millions of people who are affected by cancer every year.



To donate simply text SNOO68 £1 to 70070 or visit


Sara x
Chemo snood head

Street Style Sunday – Parka love

November 8, 2015

I have to confess I have a bit of an obsession with coats. And this Parka is the latest jewel in my crown.


Boden Parka


Boden Parka

Parka Coat


How epic is that hood? Would you be surprised to know this coat is from Boden? It’s part of their Boden Icons range, which you must check out if you haven’t already.


Nat x



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Make up artist course

November 6, 2015


House of Mamas have teamed up with the fabulous Make Up School London to offer you this very special one-off course at an absolutely amazing price.


Jacqui McElroy is a regular fixture on the fashion editorial campaign and music video scene. Shooting regularly for clients such as Mixmag, Nike, Coca Cola, Toni & Guy, Ministry of Sound, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton, The Pussycat Dolls, Kelly Brook, Fever Ray, Jade Jagger, Jedward, Net-a-Porter, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker and Kylie Minogue to name but a few.

Jacqui is passionate about makeup art and providing genuine advice and training to students. Jacqui’s many years of experience working with some of the biggest names in fashion mean that The Makeup School is the ideal destination for the next step on your makeup journey.



Special offer 1 week intensive make up course



The Makeup School is a boutique-learning environment for those wishing to pursue their interest in the cosmetic arts; taught by professional artists who are working in the industry. Set in a professional photographic studio in the heart of Willesden Junction, highly skilled freelance makeup artists pass on their hard-won wisdom, advice and contacts so you receive the best start you can in your new career as a makeup artist.


Course Overview
This is the course for the person looking to begin a career in makeup artistry, but also for anyone in a related field hoping to broaden their skill set. The Intensive course will impart students with a solid working knowledge of makeup artistry, as well as detailed and practical advice on breaking into the industry itself. It is a solid foundation upon which students can build, and enter into the freelance makeup world with a genuine sense of confidence in their newly acquired trade.

Skin Care; including prep and hygiene
Tools of the trade; maintaining brushes/setting up/building a kit
Foundation; achieving various skin finishes
Concealing and corrective make up
Contouring/ highlighting/bronzing/blusher
Colour Theory
Working with textures; powders/creams/paints
Natural makeup
Mature Skin
Catwalk/Fashion Show; working on a pro team
Directional catwalk trends; looks/influences
Eyebrows (grooming, shaping and maintenance)
Natural eyes/ smoky eyes
Eyeliner techniques
False eyelash application
Introduction to the industry; working on set/shoot etiquette
Client direction/understanding the brief
Blocking eyebrows and facial jewellery (adornment), glitters and stencils
HD Make up (Makeup for film and TV)
Period make up (1920s to present day)
Working with photographic / natural lighting
Product selection
Male grooming

Introducing the Illamasqua Private Session
On the last day of the course, at 4pm, students will visit the flagship Illamasqua store in central London for a shopping trip with 25% discount on all Illamasqua products.



You will not find any other make up course of this calibre for this price anywhere else. So be quick and book your place. for bookings.


Nat x



Wicked The Musical – A review

November 5, 2015


A couple of weeks ago Mum and me when to see Wicked on their official press night. It’s a great excuse for a bit of mum and daughter time now that careers, partners and children are in the mix we very rarely get the chance. And Mum loves the theatre, so these are her words again (following on from the success of her last one). 



Having watched a few different and diverse incarnations of the Wizard of Oz over the years, I’ve never really ‘got’ the nation’s obsession with it.  Neither as a child or an adult did the story grab me and so I went along to see Wicked with an open mind and few expectations.  Sure, I was aware that it is still playing to packed houses in it’s 9th year at the marvellous Apollo Victoria Theatre and that it has a huge cult (mainly teenage) following, so it must be doing something right, I just wasn’t sure if it was my cup of tea.

First of all, I have to say the theatre has had a wonderfully sympathetic re-vamp and as soon as you step inside, it’s beautiful Art Deco opulence and clever lighting makes it feel as though it’s all part of a very special experience.  As it was a press night, the place was heaving and the bars packed to capacity but this is the first West End theatre I have been to where you can order drinks and snacks from your seats or by using their free app – a very welcome innovation.

To be honest, I didn’t recognise any of the cast by name but I was only sitting next to one of the lead actor’s husband (who, by the way, was lovely and charming) and he told me that it was a completely new cast with the exception of the lead roles.  No wonder then that it has a very fresh and energetic feel to it, there is undoubtedly different dynamics involved with a new ensemble.  He told me they had just got married earlier this year after a Transatlantic courtship and that she broke her foot during rehearsals just before the wedding and had to wear trainers (bet she still looked gorgeous).  Now, gossip aside, from the very beginning, Wicked is an unrelenting assault on all your senses.  The sets are magnificently lavish and the costumes are delightfully OTT (very Tim Burtonesque I thought) and yes, there is a LOT of green in this production.  It’s not compulsory for the audience to dress up and wear green make-up but feel free if you want to, you won’t be alone.



Photo credit – Matt Crockett

Basically, Wicked is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz and there are some very subtle and clever nods to the original story.  It tells the story of the two young girls, Glinda and Elphaba, who become best friends and go on to become the good and bad witches in the Wizard of Oz.  Their story is a universal one, hence it’s appeal, and speaks to all of us who have ever experienced love and loss and betrayal.  In fact, I think the very essence of the show is that it works on two levels – the frothy, glitzy, hilarious side and the darker side which tackles serious issues such as oppression, prejudice, materialism and political corruption – ensuring a broad appeal across all ages.  There are strong echoes of a dystopian Brave New World in the fictional land of Oz where there is no room for individualism, difference or free speech.  The question of what constitutes good and evil propels the narrative throughout and deftly demonstrates that things are rarely what they seem.

Glinda is a beautiful, spoilt blonde airhead, popular among her peers, and used to getting her own way.  Elphaba is an outcast because she was born with green skin (the product of an illicit affair) and it would seem their personalities are polar opposites.  However they realise they have more in common than they thought (including a love interest) and as they become best friends, their genuinely warm and sparky on-stage relationship becomes apparent.

The musical score by Stephen Schwartz (of Godspell fame) is fabulous and apparently anyone under 25 knows all the lyrics word for word.  It allows plenty of opportunity for the two female leads to showcase their considerable vocal talents to the max, belting out some real power ballads with confidence and style.

Judging by the cheering, applause and thunderous standing ovation, this show has lost none of its popularity and is likely to run and run.  It’s a truly magical extravaganza, I would urge you to go and watch it, let your hair down and paint the town green.


Mama Sunday x


WICKED_Silk2014_Portrait logo

Jessica de Lotz jewellery

November 4, 2015


Don’t you just love it when you come across a unique and different take on an everyday item. When I first looked at Jessica de Lotz’s website a couple of months ago I loved  that I’d never seen anything like it before. The designs are exquisite and there’s definitely a nod to years gone by, especially with the wax seal stamped collections.


Jessica’s jewellery is intriguing as it is eccentric. That’s what I love about her jewellery, she’s clearly a real maverick among her jewellery-making peers. No one’s doing what she’s doing and if they are and then I’ve certainly not come across them as yet.

jessica de lotz jewellery



jessica de lotz jewellery


About Jessica
Born in London into a large artistic family, Jessica’s interest in jewellery design started at a young age. Largely inspired by her father, a military history book seller whose antiquarian bookshop was at home, Jessica’s passion in scouring flea markets, car boot sales and antique fairs was innate in her and ultimately fuel her creativity. Emotive, evocative and intriguing, Jessica invites you to enter her world of collectibles, cherished possessions and achingly touching personal stories that she translates within her bespoke jewellery collections. Much of the recognition of Jessica’s work has grown from her signature, individually hand-stamped and personalised, wax seal jewellery collection, titled The Love Story, Paris 1946.



Check out this most fabulous Winking Dolly Eye Ring:


Another thing worth noting, when you purchase an item Jessica is very careful to make sure that it feels like you’re unwrapping the most splendid piece of treasure. I won’t spoil it for you, but for me it’s that attention to detail that adds to the whole drama of buying something very special indeed.


And I certainly wouldn’t mind finding a piece of treasure under my tree this Christmas!


Nat x

Street Style Sunday – Boyfriend jeans

November 2, 2015

Apologies for the lateness of this post, I’ve haven’t been well lately. Feeling much better this morning, so fingers crossed the bug that is rapidly passing throughout the whole family is on it’s way out.


The weather this autumn has been exceptionally mild, so it’s been quite nice not to have to don a heavy coat every time I walk out the front door. Looking all around at the beautiful colours, I often find that I’m unconsciously reflecting those fabulous autumnal shades in the outfits I’ve chosen to wear. Have you found yourself doing the same?


White Stuff outfit



I don’t tend to feature jeans heavily on this blog, but I do wear them occasionally. I think I’ve just had a bit of a falling out with skinny jeans at the moment. They just never seem to do it for me when I try them on. I’m much more into my flares, but the problem with them is that you can only really wear them with heels, as they are so long, which isn’t always what I feel like wearing for the school run, or for nipping to the post office.


White Stuff recently got in touch and asked me to check out their denim range, and the first pair of jeans that instantly stood out were these boyfriend jeans. I haven’t bought a pair of boyfriend jeans before because they’ve never fitted me properly. I felt like boyfriend jeans only looked good on women with slim legs, or more specifically slim thighs. The boyfriend jeans I’d always tried on ended up looking like some dodgy-fit skinny jeans that looked tight at the top and baggy below the knees. They never looked like they proclaimed to look like on the models, modelling them.


autumn scene - white stuff


playing in the autumn leaves


Luckily I was pleasantly surprised by the fit of these White Stuff jeans – at least they look like they are boyfriend cut. They are ultra comfortable and I’ve worn them quite a lot recently with my trainers and a jumper, but I also know they’d look just as swish with a pair of heels for a dressed up, casual look on a night out drinking cocktails.


sitting on a park bench

Cardigan | Top | Jeans | Trainers 


Sometimes it’s really good to go back and try clothes on that you’ve always previously ruled out. Different stores, different sizes, changes in your body shape, can mean that something that once wasn’t accessible can now be your new best friend.


Have a lovely week people!


Nat x

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