Being Present

May 28, 2015

What does being present mean? Recently the words mindfulness and being present keeps cropping up and I have been wanting to explore it’s meaning. So today I’m going to talk about what I’ve learned and realised about being present. Well this is how I see it anyway:


Not attaching past feelings or unknown predictions to a particular moment, enjoying it, in it entirety without thoughts of what might/can/will/ could happen.


Recently I have been reunited with someone close to me. And I was worrying (a lot) about not allowing that person in too close again for fear of getting hurt. That is an example of how I was attaching past feelings of hurt and future fears of possible pain and not allowing myself to fully experience the nice feeling of the present.


I was scared that if I allowed this person back in then I would be setting myself up for a fall. It’s a natural thing to feel. But would it hurt any less if this person did let me down after we’d been reunited because I’d been guarded? No, probably not. In fact definitely not. So why not allow myself to fully enjoy the experience if it makes no difference?


I am happy at the moment. I should not be afraid or ashamed to say that. And I want to feel it completely without worry or thought. So here’s to me trying to be present. Wish me luck!


Nat x



What it’s like to love an abusive man and survive! By Kate

May 27, 2015

This week for Women Wednesday I have Kate from the fabulous blog Pouting in Heels guest post to tell you her story and how she survived.


I can still vividly remember the worst Christmas Eve of my life.
It was the first time my then boyfriend was violent. The first time I had ever experienced real – shake you to your core – abuse.
It was the day my boyfriend grabbed me by the throat and smashed my head against his car door three times, simply because I’d disagreed with him.
It was the night he hurled drunken expletives at me in full view of a packed bar and spat in my face, not once, but twice.
I was just 18 years old and suddenly, life had become very serious.
But I forgave him.
There were many reasons why. I loved him. I was in denial. I was confused. I was scared. And I was sad. So, so sad.
I believed his excuses and promises because quite simply, I needed to. Because the thought of the man I loved treating me so appallingly, was just too awful to bear.
We met in a pub on a cold January evening. Handsome, much older than me and incredibly charismatic, he was totally charming. Flirtatious and brazen, he also had an edge to him which I liked.
It wasn’t long before we were both totally smitten and within just days of meeting, things were serious.
He wanted to spend every spare minute with me. But instead of thinking that was odd and claustrophobic, I thought it was romantic.
He wrote me love letters and poems and sent me numerous bouquets of flowers. It was overwhelming, intense and I should have seen the warning signs. But I didn’t because I was head over heels.
After a few months of dating, the intensity calmed and everything was relatively normal. But there’s only so long you can hide a devil, before it becomes desperate to make an appearance.
Soon, everything was wrong.
Everything I did, everything I said, everything I wore, only upset him or made him furious.
My life became all about tiptoeing on egg shells and it was exhausting.
He would tell me that I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen but yet couldn’t stand it if a man so much as glanced in my direction.
He wanted me to look attractive but yet would complain if I wore make up. He loved my intelligence but hated the thought that my ambitions would take me away from him.
He criticised my friends and hated my family. One day, I would be too sexy. The next, not sexy enough. I was too quiet or too loud. Too flirtatious or not friendly enough. I could never win.
He rummaged through my possessions, interrogated me on a daily basis and had secret conversations with friends and family members about me behind my back.
But still I stayed.
After the Christmas incident, his behaviour escalated and he ramped up his efforts to control my life further, smug in the knowledge that I hadn’t left him when most sensible, confident women would have ran a mile.
He would throw me out of his house in the middle of the night, knowing that I couldn’t go home, tried to to sabotage my relationship with my best friend and constantly made out that I was going crazy, by implying I was imagining things.
My terror was always his end goal.
An emotional vampire, he did everything he could to suck the light out of me. But thankfully, somehow I managed to hold on to just enough so that I didn’t lose myself completely.
I continued to see my family and friends. I continued to wear what I wanted. And when he fought me, I fought him right back.
He couldn’t ‘break me’ and for that, he hated me even more.
Throughout our entire relationship, he went out of his way to try and destroy me. And yet the bitter irony, is that on my part, whilst he was hell bent on destroying me, all I ever tried to do was to save him.
After about 18 months, I finally got out of the relationship just before I went to University.
Soon after, I bumped into an acquaintance of mine. She was beautiful, but very vulnerable and asked if she could have a chat with me about my ex boyfriend whom she was now dating.
Visibly upset, what she told me, sent shivers down my spine.
He had asked her to dye her hair dark brown (like mine), would call her by my name whenever they were intimate and still had all my photos on display in his house.
It’s like a shrine to you, she said. He constantly compares me to you.
It was a light bulb moment.
After advising her to run for the hills, I walked away that day with my head held a little higher. I was free of him and I knew that I was going to be ok.

But whilst getting over him was easy, getting over the destructive and abusive relationship wasn’t so much.
It took a good couple of years before I was back in a happy place, but since then, I have never looked back. In fact, I often think that this awful experience has been the making of me in many ways.
Because that relationship, as damaging and truly awful as it was, has taught me so much. About myself. About relationships. About love. And about life.
And it’s made me determined to help and support other women.
Now, my standards are incredibly high, my self esteem is healthy and my instinct to help life’s ‘waifs and strays’ is channelled much more effectively.
My spirit that he tried so hard to break, is strong and I am happier and more confident than I could ever have dared to imagine back all those years ago.
Today I am a very different woman, unrecognisable from the young girl that I was. I just wish I could go back to tell her everything will all be ok.


Kate (Pouting in Heels) x

Pouting in heels

Charlie and the Chocolate factory!

May 26, 2015

What an absolute honour it was to review Charlie and the Chocolate Factory recently with the family.


It was the first time my eldest daughter has been to a West End show and the only problem with her seeing this one first is I hope she doesn’t think that this is now the standard of every show she goes to see thereafter. She was blown away, as were we all. This is probably the greatest musical for kids in London at the moment. The actors were bursting full of character, and the child actors were so good it was hard to believe they were really children. I kept looking for telltale signs that they were just smaller than average adult actors. I’ve since been reliably informed that they really were children. Seriously though the acting all round was absolutely superb.


The set was utterly mind-blowing, how they managed to pull off the set changes so quickly I still cannot get my head around. Every single set was over the top and looked as if no expense had been spared (possibly justifying the ticket prices). There was such amazing attention to detail in every scene you didn’t know where to look, because you wanted to soak in every single detail, which of course was impossible, I could totally see it again and again. My daughter is still asking me how they made Mike Teavee shrink into the TV screen, it so well done. She was left flabbergasted by much of the show.


Before we went people had warned me that the first half was a little slow, and maybe for the younger children in the audience this might be the case. I however really enjoyed the old people, their dialogue and the continually changing bed arrangements it certainly kept me engrossed. As did the introduction to the child characters, which I thought was just brilliant.


This show is aimed at 7 years and above, and my almost 6 year old did maybe talk a little too loudly occasionally, but she enjoyed it immensely and will remember that night for years to come I’m sure. There were plenty of adults there too, many without children, it definitely appealed to multiple generations.


Sam Mendes, the Director has pulled of an absolute triumph of a musical that will be hard to beat if we are lucky enough to go to see anything else. I really feel it was an absolute privilege to have been able to see this with my family.


Nat (and gang) x


charlie and the chocolate factory review


 I was asked to give an honest review to publish on the blog. All views are my own. 

Street Style Sunday – bank-holiday bag

May 24, 2015


YES! It’s a Bank Holiday Weekend, and it’s half term. I couldn’t be more thrilled, we have so much planned it’s going to be fantastic I can feel it in my bones. And what better way to celebrate than by taking my new White Stuff multicoloured clutch bag out for a spin. And isn’t it a beauty?!


white stuff multi coloured clutch bag

Shades | denim shirt | skirt |clutch | shoes similar

Style Sunday - Street Style Sunday

Street Style Sunday

White Stuff multicoloured clutch

Street Style Sunday


jewel street ring


Here you also get to see a hint of my lovely new gold ring from Jewel Street. I’ve been wanting a ring for my forefinger for ages, and this one is perfect. More to come on that soon.


style me sunday

If you’re wondering the chain around the glasses is from Framechain and they are an item of jewellery in themselves – I adore them. And the glasses are old ones from Topman.


The fabulous photographer was: Leonie Morse

You can also find her on Instagram.

And Facebook, and Twitter.



So what do you guys think of my outfit for Street Style Sunday this week?


Have a great bank holiday guys.


Nat x


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Mummy Meltdown by Gemma

May 22, 2015

Hey everyone! You may, or may not, have noticed my absence from the super Style Me Sunday over the last few months. As well stopping my two kids from shoving their sticky fingers in plug sockets and other such fun, I have also been busy setting up my brand new blog, Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream. After admitting to Natalie that almost every item of clothing in my wardrobe is covered in Breton stripes, and that I only ever wear my dirty pair of Converse, it was agreed that perhaps I should stop writing for a fashion blog and set up my own endeavour. So why Coffee, Kids & Ice Cream? Coffee – I mainline the stuff and, quite frankly, on my current sleep count, I couldn’t survive without it. My life is clearly ruled by kids, and ice cream? Ice cream provides the bread and butter for our family and by default our lives are dictated by it, resulting in a very busy summer. My hope is to continue to share with you my daily ramblings on parenting, but also in an effort to stay positive during said summer, and connect with other parents, to review fun family days out with my brood in tow.

Below is a post I wrote recently about how my toddler makes me tear my hair out, daily. I was hoping it would get better aged 3, however I’ve been told by a reliable source that sadly it continues a tad longer. I really hope you enjoy reading! For more posts like this, please do follow me on

Love Gemma x

How to cause a mummy meltdown by Coco, aged 2

The terrible twos, they are currently alive and kicking in the Capocci household in the form of my darling daughter Coco.  When a relatively new friend told me that she found her daughter really hard work when she was approximately two and a half, I could of flung my arms around her and cried with sweet relief.  Coco not only has her tantrums down pat, but she has now mastered the art of manipulation and quite frankly, torture inflicted in the form of pure frustration (on my part of course).  At first I blamed the wave of constant change…my pregnancy, Raffy’s arrival, a holiday abroad/jet lag, new bed, nursery etc…etc…But I have now come to the conclusion that it may just well be her personality.  Fantastic for later life as I can rest easy knowing she won’t be walked over, but not so hot for the person right now who has to try and coax her to have a nap and forcibly remove the Smarties from her tight fisted little hands: me.


Over the last few months Coco has fine-tuned what I will lovingly refer to as the “triggers of rage”.  A few swift moves that will raise the blood pressure in minutes, and will leave a smug look of satisfaction across Coco’s gorgeous, crafty little face. Here are her top tips:


1.     LOOK AT ME!

If I had to make an educated guess at how often I hear this tiny little phrase in a day, I would have to say a one billion, gazillion.  If you’re an auntie, uncle or friend of someone who has a young child, you may hear them say this as they perform a little dance or jig and think, how cute.  Well imagine it for the thousandth time when you’re trying to drive on the M25, hush your baby to sleep or take a poo.  It begins to get a little testing.  When exercising, Coco was so aghast at the lack of attention she threw a stuffed toy at my personal trainer’s face (this was the first time they had met).  The second time she poured a bottle of water over the PlayStation.  Fun times  



Now before you mark me down as a miserable cow, I actually don’t mind a bit of rough and tumble and the human climbing frame can be quite good fun.  But Coco’s knows full well that the best time to cause maximum impact in the meltdown stakes is just as I’m changing Raffy’s nappy – ideally a smelly one.  Not only do I have to contend with the bloody baby trying to make an escape and not get crap on the carpet, but I also have to deal with a toddler climbing on my shoulders. Pure torture


3.     WHY? WHY? WHY?

A much-loved classic in the wind-up merchants back catalogue.  Ask what we’re doing today and when you don’t like the answer, hit back with the, “But why?  Why? Why?’ “Just bloody because!”  The worst bit… you know they’re not even listening!  


4.     BABY TALK

Psychologically, this one is understandable.  Along comes Raffy who looks cute and gets lots of attention when he shouts loudly.  So in Coco’s little mind, it makes perfect sense to do the same, and just like Raffy it could start without warning.  In a supermarket, café, at the dinner table, you name it.  The only thing I can guarantee, is that it’ll make no bloody sense and you’ll have a headache by the end of it



Now for a long time I have had to put up coming second place to Daddy.  From roughly the age of one, Coco has had such a deep connection with her Dad that she used to cry when he dared leave her with me and go to the loo.  He is the fun one, patient one and working one, so she gets to look forward to his return home.  In comparison, I hang around like a bad smell that has just said no to a second ice cream.  When I say I love you to Coco, she tells me, “ I love Daddy.”  If she picks a flower, it’s ALWAYS for Daddy, and this week when helping her with her dinner she asked for her special mummy…you guessed it…Daddy.


Thankfully I have a mummy’s boy for kisses and cuddles, which means when I’m not tearing my hair out, I can actually stand back and admire her handy work.  Coco’s a clever little sod and I wouldn’t change a single hair on her head, and as my own mother kindly points out, karma often has a funny way of biting you on the butt and I guess this is mine. 


What does your toddler do to stress you out?  I would love you to share your stories. 


Gemma x


Twitter: @gemmacapocci


Boho fringe not just for festivals

May 20, 2015

I have to say I am partial to a bit of fringe. It’s a bit a annoying that fringe clothing is closely attached to festivals these days or Coachella to be more exact. I’ve had my pair of fringe ankle boots far too many years, and every single summer they make a return from the darkest depths of my shoe cupboard. Whether you are rocking it out to a bit Prodigy in a muddy field or simple walking with the kids down your local high street to buy a pint of milk – wear your fringe threads with pride. Here’s a few items I’m loving right now to ease you into the fringe scene if you’re a little worried boho chic scene isn’t really for you.


Dip Dye Dress £32


Fringe Boots – £148


Fringe Top £32


Bowie Fringe Top £24


Fringe Bag £65


Would you dare to wear a bit fringe clothing?


Nat x

A note to my younger self by Elaine

May 19, 2015

Dear angst-ridden, hormone-overloaded, impressionable Me

When I was a whipper snippet, I was just like you. In fact I was you. I was pretty much the same person I am now but if I had been able to look into the future, here is what I’d have learnt…


Pay attention to your favourite teachers. There’s a reason you resonate with them. They open windows into something much more than just a book analysis or maths lesson. I wish I’d resonated more with my maths teachers, but no. It was never going to happen. My English masters were amazing. I still have a great love of Wilfred Owen and Shakespeare because of how they taught their classes.

Pay attention in your English lessons. It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember how to explain the exact meaning of a conjugation, but my god, you need to know how to use one. Spelling and grammar are important. People notice these things and remember them long after they’ve read your email or letter. 

Learn how to use a calculator. REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. Don’t be scared by numbers and finance. 


Table manners, like spelling and grammar, are an essential part of life. I know it sounds fickle, but it’s not. Trust me on this.

Manners in general…learn them and use them. Forever.

Don’t be like the others. If you feel different, explore it. Real friends will embrace it and possibly encourage it. It might feel awful being the odd one out, or not being as cool as the others. It will not matter a jot in a few years. 

It’s okay not to be the most popular girl in the class. Sure, it’s great to be funny and have people say you’re great, but what’s more important is to be a friend to everyone. Being the class clown is all good and well until you realize it’s not real life. Be real and be honest. Find the girl or boy that is always left out or whispered about – talk to them and you’ll not only learn something about them, you’ll learn about yourself. 

Small boobs getting you down? Two words: Kate Moss.

Big boobs getting you down? Two words: Jennifer Lopez.

Diet? Pffft. You have the rest of your life to do that. Seriously, it’s such a massive waste of time and energy. You should be doing much more fun stuff than worrying about your weight or how you look to other people.

Wear sunscreen. You’ll still get tanned but without the sun damage that, trust me, will become blindingly obvious when you’re older. Pale is interesting too. Hello, Cate Blanchett.

Learn to cook, bake, sew, garden. It doesn’t send you back into the middle ages nor does it stop you from being a feminist. They are life skills that everyone, man or woman, should learn. On that note, learn how to change a tyre – or at least know someone on the end of a phone that can. Be an EQUALIST – regardless of gender, we are all equals – be that in the home or workplace.

Don’t jump on any bandwagon – learn for yourself first, exactly what the situation means to you. Your views may change over the years, that’s learning and acceptance, just make sure nobody forces you to think in a way you’re not comfortable with. Listen to your heart but also let your head have a say. 

Don’t alter your real self to fit in with others, be that a boy/girlfriend or a group of friends – if they love Linkin’ Park and you prefer Taylor Swift, so be it. Own it. This is something for your entire life. Wanting to fit in doesn’t stop when you graduate from school or university. 

Look at your parents. They can be the most annoying, out of touch people ever, can’t they? They were also exactly like you 30 years ago. The same anxieties, excitement, fears, joys…scary thought, isn’t it? If you worry you will be a copy of an absent/alcoholic/crazy parent – remember, you are only one half of that person. If both your parents are nutters, you’re still on the path to breaking the cycle. 

Saying sorry won’t result in self combustion. Unless you don’t mean it, then have a fire extinguisher close by. 

Forgiving someone who has hurt you? It seems impossible, but try it. It doesn’t mean having to see them face to face or even letting them know you’ve forgiven them – it means telling yourself you no longer allow the situation or person affect you and have decided to move forward. It’s a liberating feeling and it’s not a fleeting one.

Before you judge or make a smart are retort, imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes, just for a second.

If you’ve f-d up, own up. Don’t be a git.





Street Style Sunday – Culottes

May 17, 2015

Culottes were big last year and they are still everywhere this year. I had a pair for my school uniform (despite to the rules – what a rebel), so I guess they must have been big in the nineties too. These Cos culottes I’m wearing in the pictures are from last year, but I still adore them. You can’t go wrong with a pair of culottes, they bridge the gap between a skirt and trousers perfectly. I’ve paired mine with a pair of New Look mules. (I’ll do a separate mules post soon).


These pleated ones are fairly dressy so I made them a tad more casual with a sweatshirt I bought in a sample sale years ago.



Cos culottes

Cos culottes


And this last pic below I included just because it makes me laugh. I try and take a serious fashion shot and this is what I get, a mini person or two trying to get in on the action. Ha.


london underground



If you have the culotte bug and need to find a pair now, here’s a little selection of ones you might fancy buying. Click on the description to be taken to the website.


Black culottes £38

Print culottes £42

Reiss culottes £62 (sale)


Floral print culottes £95



Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!


Love Nat x


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Summer party and special giveaway

May 15, 2015

Anyone else organising a summer birthday party?  I am as we speak. Many people speak of the pressure on parents to have a great party to rival the other kids parties they attend throughout the year. Or the competitive nature among the parents to have the biggest and best party better than all others. That’s not how I or should I say we feel. We feel a real pressure on our shoulders to make the birthday girl have the best day she could possibly ever have. My eldest daughter turns six this year and she has had a tough year (due to health issues) and has many big obstacles to overcome in the years ahead, and my husband and I just want her to have the most magical day that she will remember with great affection for years to come. Hence the foreboding feelings of anxiousness in the run up to the birthday.


The other thing that many parents must consider, is the cost of these birthday parties. Many of the options are so bloody expensive that parents can cripple themselves trying to achieve perfection. Sometimes we need to get back to basics and remember kids have no idea about how much things cost. Most kids would be happy more than happy with a picnic in the park, a tea party at home, or a mock up sports days on the nearest field. However these can involve quite a bit of organising before and on the day.  The Jelly Rabbit provide great party kits to take some of that stress away, with many options to make even the fussiest little birthday person happy.


Luckily for you I’ve teamed up with The Jelly Rabbit to help with the cost of any summer parties you may be having. We are giving away a summer party kit worth over £50 to help your party go with a bang.  How fabulous is this amazing kit below, this is exactly what you’ll win if you’re lucky:


A summer party kit for 8 people worth over £50 including 8 star glasses, 8 whistle lips, 8 sets of cutlery, 8 large plates, 8 small plates, 8 cups, 24 stripe straws, 20 lilac stripe napkins, lilac bunting,  10 diamond pink party bags, 3 ice cream bubbles and 3 mini gumball machines and a Jelly Rabbit tote bag, 



The jelly rabbit

The jelly rabbit

summer party kit



Giveaway Conditions: 

  • You must enter the first 3 mandatory entries, then for every 3 more optional points you gain you get another giveaway entry.
  • You must be 16 or over.
  • You must be a UK resident.
  • Your email address may be shared with The Jelly Rabbit and will not be shared with any other parties.


Good luck and fingers crossed for you.


Nat x

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Guest blog – Zaz talks about yoga

May 13, 2015

Today on the blog we have Zaz – I met her last year at a blogging conference, and ever since (and before actually) she has inspired me from afar to start practising yoga through her words and her pictures, something I’ve always wanted to do, and for that I am very grateful. Zaz has a very successful blog called Mama and More and it’s about many things but mainly yoga, style, and inspiring words. 


Read her guest blog for Style Me Sunday below:



People often tell me that they can’t do yoga because they aren’t flexible, or can’t balance on one leg.

I often wonder if they know that being flexible physically, having balance, and other qualities in yoga can also lead into other areas of your life?

Flexibility comes. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. But even breathing takes mindfulness… for some of us this comes later too…

I have been practicing yoga for almost 18 years – sometimes once a week, once a month, or once a day. Sometimes for 15 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. After delaying my dream with a host of excuses, I am now a trainee yoga teacher, completing my training this summer.

During my practice I’ve learnt that the way I approach my yoga teaches me a huge amount about myself. In fact, the way that we approach and respond to most things in life teaches us about ourselves – if we are open to it.

Many people – probably most – come to yoga initially for the physical benefits. We see the bodies of the yogis in the magazines, and hear that it’s supposed to be relaxing. What comes later is what we start taking “off the mat”.

Opening up the mind as well as the body comes with time and regular practice – in those moments of stillness, when the body is focused entirely on holding to its centre, regardless of the challenges thrown in, the mind can’t possibly think about mundane to-do lists. If we move our minds away from the constant external chatter, we have the chance to hit reset, give space for some self-realisation to occur.

Last year I began to practice every single day. I craved the mental space, the physical wringing out, and the challenge. I wanted to learn to do a handstand, and the instagram hashtag #handstand365. It’s been over 150 days, and some days I can hover for a few breaths in the centre of the garden, other days I need the comfort of the wall behind me. I’ve learnt not just how to position my body, but about how important the will to keep coming back to something is, day after day, month after month. And that sometimes you need the security of something solid behind you – whether that’s the wall in a handstand, or someone strong in your life, or a secure place to be.

What else have I taken off the mat lately?

I’ve learnt the need for balance – no kidding, this is a handstand, right?! But do I just need balance on my hands while my legs are kicking up to the sky? I need balance in my life – space and time to do each thing that needs doing, including giving time to myself. I’ve learnt that I suffer, my pose as well as my life, if I don’t have that balance.

I’ve absorbed that flexibility is a good thing – we need to be flexible in our lives, we need to be willing to accept change, and to adapt to our situations. There is no point in being frustrated at stressful situations – better to adapt to it, deal with it, find a solution, and if there isn’t one, leave it. It isn’t meant to be.

I’ve remembered the importance of strength, and the need to always build it – strong will, strong morals, strength of character, strong love for something and for someone – given and received, as well as strength in my body.

Being strong, being balanced, being flexible – these are the things that yoga teaches me, and it can teach anyone.

Most importantly perhaps, yoga, as with life, cannot be without breath.

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but we hold our breath in certain situations. Our bodies tense up, our shoulders rise towards our ears, our brows furrow. The moment we become aware of this, if we are mindful of our breath and consciously release those tensions, it starts creating small transformations, and brings ease into our lives, as well as our bodies.



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