Are mums replacing younger models?

September 19, 2016

Mums of Instagram


Mums on Instagram with a liking for fashion are having a real moment. I don’t think it’s about being a mum per se, but grown up fashion is suddenly not being ignored anymore. We don’t have to look up to 19 year olds for style inspiration. Brands are realising that a) 30-somethings and above usually have more money to spend and b) they actually want to look good, and are not reduced to fashion wallflowers as soon as the 30’s beckon or once they’ve given birth to a little human.


I, along with 4 other stylish women of Instagram, were invited by Endource (a new expert style advice website), to share our fashion tips and offer inspiration to their followers. 4 out of 5 of us were mums, and 4 out of 5 of us were (I’m guessing here, so apologies if I’m wrong) over 30 years old.


I’m pretty sure the style advice wasn’t specifically aimed at older ladies, I’m pretty sure it was because we are, for once, actually being looked at for style inspiration, especially over on Instagram. You don’t have to look very hard to find all of the inspirational women, that have a little more life experience, on Instagram who are accruing thousands, and millions of followers. And long may it last.


Women past their twenties are generally more confident, more self-assured, and know their own style and I honesty think this is shining through. Instagram is really helping those brands that still haven’t got with the program and continue to use 18 year old models to sell their wares to mainly to 30/40/ 50 year olds.  Women want to see the clothes they buy on women like themselves.  And why bloody not.


Just because you’re not in your teens doesn’t mean your fashion career has to end. Jump onto Instagram, it may only just be about to begin!


You’ll be able to see more photos from the shoot on my Instagram.


What do you think about women over 30 replacing younger models and becoming style icons? And will we start seeing this change filtering onto the catwalks?


Love Nat x


Endource Photoshoot


Rosewarne Cox Photography

September 15, 2016


I had some pictures taken by a very talented lady called Shaneen Rosewarne Cox for project she was doing.


I bloody love them. But I’ll let them talk for themselves:


Rosewarne Cox Photography

Rosewarne Cox Photography


Rosewarne Cox Photography


Rosewarne Cox Photography


I’ve been slowly changing them over to my profile pics.


Which one do you like best?


Nat x

My White Stuff – Street Style Sunday

September 11, 2016


I cannot say I’m over the moon to be writing about autumn, because ultimately it means the end of summer. And I bloody love the summer. But there are some good things to come out of a change in season.


A new season signals a new clothes, well at least it does to me anyway. Any excuse.


The White Stuff asked me to pick some of my  favourite autumn/ winter pieces from their new range, and this is what I choose:


glitter pumps - White Stuff


small bucket bag - White Stuff


Obviously I’ve still got the festival vibes in my bones. I’m still not over my glitter phase.


White Stuff autumn/ winter collection


Grey suede bucket bag from White Stuff


My White Stuff


My White Stuff

denim top | trousers | glitter pumps coming soon | bag coming soon


What do you think?


I do love grey. This outfit of blues and grey, with sprinkle of glitter, works for me. And finally I’m out of a pleated skirt.


Happy Sunday!


Love Nat x

Spoil the man in your life

September 9, 2016


Sometimes, just sometimes we need to let the men in our lives know that we care. Recently Debenhams helped me show my husband how much I appreciate him. After all, he has been tirelessly and selflessly all about his family recently. And for that he deserves a huge amount of respect, and a little treat here  and there.


Here’s what I got him from the Debenhams Men’s gifts:


Clinque mens moisturiser

Bleu de chanel mens aftershave



He was pretty impressed with my choice, so if you have a birthday coming up, or just want to spoil a man in your life – these will do the trick nicely.


Love Nat x


Warrior Woman Project

September 7, 2016


Ways to get involved in the WARRIOR WOMAM PROJECT:

  1. Commit to the week long challenges (the first one is increasing confidence) and aim to do every single challenge set. They are easily doable. You will know what the challenges are at least two days in advance. If you want to challenge yourself, comment below and I will tag/ message you when the post is up and running. We are encouraging you to share your stories with us by tagging and using the hashtag daily and any that resonate with us will win a fantastic prize. There is no set criteria for sharing your journey.


  2. Sponsor the challenge: If you have a great prize you can offer the women who share their stories of their experience with the challenge, get in touch. You will be mentioned in every challenge post, and a profile blog post introducing our sponsors will be done, resulting in increasing your brands exposure to a wide audience. (Please note: we already have 3 top life coaches, so we are looking for 4 more excellent prizes for our challengers to choose from.)



  3. Be involved in promoting the project/ challenge. Everyone involved will help to get this challenge to reach a wider audience, in return this will help your exposure to a wider audience.


  4. I am looking for inspirational guest posts, centred around the theme of increasing confidence, to inspire the challengers.


  5. Offering your specialist skills: photographer, web designer, fashion designer, PR , anything you think you could add to this project to make it really ping. You will get mentioned and prompted in return.


If any of the above sounds applicable, then get in touch:


Warrior Woman Project

Victorious Festival 2016 (Guest Post)

September 6, 2016

Victorious festival


This is a guest post written by the lovely Modern Mummy


We love going to festivals as a family. There’s something extra special about hanging out with friends for a few days and letting the kids run wild and free; the excitement of setting up camp and sleeping under the stars, wearing whatever the hell we want, staying up late dancing, drinking gin at 10am (the grown ups) and eating sweets at 10pm (the kids). For the last four years we’ve been to Camp Bestival, which is four days (and nights) of all of the above. But another, slightly lesser well known festival that we go to every year and love equally is Victorious Festival in Portsmouth.

It’s not an overnighter – there are no camping facilities (yet!) – but if you’re local or can get yourself booked into a hotel nearby, it’s so, so, so worth it. It’s right by the sea and an easy walk from Portsmouth station (depending on the time of day you get there, make sure you either go down Castle Street and pop into Pie & Vinyl or via Osborne Road and call in to the Southsea Coffee Co). The best bit is that the festival is only £25 a day if you get early bird tickets which is an insanely cheap price to pay for an entire day of festival fun.

This year was the best year yet. We could only make one of the two days, but we definitely made the most of it. We sang along to The Levellers, Travis and the Manic Street Preachers, danced our butts off to Neneh Cherry’s DJ set. We smothered ourselves in the obligatory face paints and glitter. We ate burritos and pizza and candy floss.

Eating pizza - Victorious festival


But do you know what I love so much about Victorious Festival? It’s super chilled out, all the kids entertainment is ENTIRELY FREE (there’s bouncy castles, fairground rides, circus skills to learn, things to make and even the face paints are free… think of all the extra cash you usually have to splash out on all that lot at a festival!), for the past four years a lot of the main acts have been some of my favourite bands from the 90s (I mean, Shed Seven, Menswear and Ocean Colour Scene in 2014! Primal Scream and the Super Furry Animals in 2015!) and the vintage shopping is second to none (Southsea is great for vintage any day of the week).

We’ve already bought our tickets for 2017 and can’t wait to see the line up. Will we see you there?

Katy x


Victorious festival review


Useful links:

Modern Mummy – – Author of this post

Victorious Festival –

Pie & Vinyl –

Southsea Coffee Co –

YouTube vid of VictoriousFest2016 –



8 Top Tips for family festivals

August 31, 2016

top tips for family festivals


Bring lots of alcohol, soft drinks and food (especially kids snack) so that you don’t end up spending a fortune. (The huge benefit about Camp Bestival, is that they allow you bring in as much food and beverage as you like, as long as it’s not glass).


Don’t forget the ear defenders. It allows for more mum and dad dancing.


Bring a duvet and pillows (so much better than sleeping bags).


Lights/ torch are essential, for finding your tent in the dark.


Baby wipes -standard.


Don’t forget towels. You may or not wish to shower whilst you’re there, but towels are always handy.


Fancy dress outfits, the more imaginative the better.


Glitter, sparkles and more glitter.


family friendly festivals



Family Festival – Camp Bestival

August 30, 2016


Festival season is almost over for this year, wahhhhh. So it’s time for me to take a little look back at the festivals I attended this summer.  One family-focused festival – Camp Bestival, and the other one Wilderness I went with friends and had a totally different experience.


Camp Bestival Early Bird tickets are now available. There is also a 30-week payment plan – See website for details. 
For the last four years Camp Bestival, Bestival’s mainland family-friendly little sister, has been a firm amily highlight of our summer. This year was no different, we were just as excited as ever to be heading to the Jurassic coast for some family fun times. Unfortunately our eldest daughter had to have an urgent eye operation the Monday before we were due to leave. It was touch and go as to whether any of us went at all. In the end, we decided that I would go with my youngest daughter and my husband would stay at home and help my daughter to recuperate. Luckily my sister and her boyfriend were also going, so it wasn’t just us and I had some others to help erect our big tent.



We left at the break of dawn and headed down to Dorset nice and early. Some people get there on Thursday, so we didn’t want to leave it too late and sacrifice a good camping spot. Luckily traffic was clear and the drive was easy, although it is long with a 3 year old in tow. It took us 4 hours to get to Dorset from East London with a stopover for breakfast half way.

When we got there we put the tent up as quickly as we could and got our glad rags on, including some essential faceprint and glitter, so we could experience the festival. The theme this year was Outer Space, when I first heard that, I instantly thought of the Moon Boots from the Alex and Alexa website as I’ve had my eye on them for a while.


Early on I bump into some other blogger friends I know – Mother of daughters and Dress Like a Mum among others, and we headed to Scummy Mummies for a giggle or two about the realities of parenting.


Camp Bestival x Style Me Sunday

camp bestival x style me sunday

camp bestival x style me sunday

Ear defenders and a pull along cart very useful when heading to a family festival. I put the duvet in the cart and made it super comfy, so if she wanted to crash out, she had the perfect place. I could then carry on with more mum dancing next to her.

We were so lucky with the weather all weekend, and we just headed to anywhere we heard good music. My favourite place for some old school classics was the Bollywood area.


Camp Bestival x Style Me Sunday

We had lots of fun in the children’s fields, there are so many great activities for the kids, including interactive circus acts, the biggest bouncy castle you’ve ever seen and lots of little pockets of live acts for the kids to delight in.After spending hours in the chidern’s fields we headed over to Big Fish Little Fish for a bit of a rave whilst the kids do craft activities making cardboard crowns.Later that evening we headed to the castle stage and listened to the uplifting tones of Fatboy Slim who rocked the huge audience, with Lulworth castle providing the dramatic backdrop. 

Sunday was much more chilled, after 2 nights of wine in a box and gin in a tin, coupled with early wake up calls from the child, it was just what was needed.

Dingly Dell, a magical play area in the woods with animals such as donkeys, ducklings and chicks for the children to pet was the highlight of our day. 50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4 section, provided some great amusement and inspiration. We also took part in the very random activity of catapulting pants, it was a lot more fun than you’d imagine!


Camp Bestival x Style Me Sunday



After that, we just chilled in the gorgeous sun until it was time to head hime :(

Camp Bestival is a fun and varied festival perfect for families, and everyone from the staff to the other festival goers are super friendly. Although it is a fairly big festival it does feel safe. Just organise meet up points and register your child’s contact wristband details with the organisers in case of any mishaps. The relaxed rules on food and drink make it even more accessible than most other festivals, once of course you’ve bought your tickets.


Camp Bestival x Style Me Sunday


My Top Tips for attending a family festival coming tomorrow…


Love Nat x

A Brazilian work out

August 22, 2016


I find the summer holidays always completely upset my exercising mojo when they come around. Not only can I not get any time during the day to exercise, but by the time the evening comes, I’m bloody knackered. So exercise has become a bit of a distant memory recently.


When Reebok at got in touch to invite me to a fitness session with a South American twist, I jumped at the chance. And it was on the weekend, so it was exclusive daddy time for a few hours.


The venue for the day was Floripa – a great space in Shoreditch.


Floripa shoreditch


The  first hour was a gruelling workout, that focused heavily on the legs. Lots of squats and plenty of thigh burn, to Brazilian beats.


Brazilian workout


Then we were treated to an awesome Capoeira display by Danca Da Liberdade – they run classes for all ages in South London.







Lastly we were taught how to samba like they do at Rio carnival (well possibly a watered-down, english-friendly version).  The one resounding tip we got was to “never stop moving your hips.”




I think I was just slightly upstaged here. I’d love to borrow her outfit for Notting Hill carnival. What do you think?


And the other huge benefit is that it’s now kickstarted my butt to get exercising again!


Love Nat x

Birthday fun – Parteaz Cakes

August 10, 2016


This year we wanted to give our eldest daughter a very special birthday, after a crappy year of sight issues and operations to come, we knew she deserved something special.


The lovely people at Parteaz Cakes offered to make her a wonderful cake. Inspired by the party invitations made by my sister we went for a watermelon cake. Here’s it is:


Watermelon cake - Parteaz


I adore the vibrant colours of the cake, and the inside was a delicious tasting red velvet sponge cake.


Parteaz Cakes make it really easy for you, by delivering the cake straight to your door. The delivery service covers a wide area of much of South East England, see their website for specific details.


They offer a huge variety of themed cakes, or you can customise your own. Parteaz Cakes were friendly, and easy to communicate with. I’d highly recommend them.


Watermelon cake - Parteaz cakes


Watermelon Cake Parteaz Cakes


Love Nat x

Thanks to Parteaz Cakes for providing the birthday in return for an honest review.

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