Roo Beach Style

April 27, 2016


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A couple of weeks ago myself and Zoe from Dress Like a Mum were invited to Cornwall for the weekend to attend their fashion event at Bedruthan Hotel (perfect for families), you can see pictures from that event on Roo’s Beach blog.


I feel like my blog has grown with Roo’s Beach, they have been a tremendous support for me from the very early days, when I was first introduced to them through friends. (Thanks Georgie and Kim).


I love developing strong relationships with brands and working with them in a more in-depth way, if we’re a good fit. The weekend in Cornwall was the perfect opportunity to get to know the lovely people behind Roo’s Beach better, who I’ve exchanged so many emails with.


During our stay Roo invited us to her boutique to pick out our favourites from the store and style them. I felt like a kid in a candy store, because there was just so much I wanted, I could have easily spent the whole day there, trying on everything. And playing with all the knick knacks.



Roo's beach boutique



fashion blogger style

Jumper | Denim Skirt | Necklace | Sun Jellies Bag | Sunglasses


Roos beach -  white jeans and yellow jumper

Jumper | Jeans | Bag | Sandals


cropped trousers and silk shirt - roos beach

Shirt | Trousers | Sandals | Clutch


fashion blogger on the beach

beautiful red wrap dress - roo's beach

Dress | Pineapple Necklace | Wanderlust Necklace |Sunglasses


Which outfit is your favourite?


About Roo’s Beach:

Roo’s Beach is a unique destination boutique located in Cornwall, not far from Newquay.

There is an eclectic mix of fashion, lifestyle products and vintage pieces. The boutique is bright, welcoming and stylish, without trying too hard. The specially curated edit of products would feel equally at home in Ibiza, as they would in Miami, and of course Cornwall or London.

There is a cute little coffee shop right next door to delight the most fussiest  of caffeine experts.


About Roo:

Roo, the owner, is a very special lady. She is extremely passionate about what she does, and that is evident when she speaks. She clearly has a skill for selecting a great team, as the other staff members are also just as enthusiast about Roo’s Beach as Roo is. They also seem more like a family than colleagues.
“Roo choses each garment with characteristic flair and attention to detail. Her choice is always based on our philosophy of Happy Clothes, as well a excellent quality at every price point and comfort – always mixing established brands with fresh new designers.

There is not one item in the shop that hasn’t been lovingly selected and tried on by her.”

She certainly does have a very special eye for knack for choosing stunning pieces, as you can see.


Love Nat x


Use the code STYLE20 for a wonderful 20% off your order. One use per person, expires on 9th May 2016. 


Here’s Zoe, doing what she does best and looking stunning.

Roos beach - zoe from dress like a mum

Travel Tuesday – Mini Rodini Style

April 26, 2016


Lately I’ve been focusing on my Instagram feed,  quite frankly because it’s so much easier to maintain. Rebranding the blog has been something I’ve been considering for quite a while now, but haven’t got round to it yet.  I will try and get my bum into gear and get round to it at some point this year 😉


I have themed Tuesdays, ‘Travel Tuesday’ on IG. So keeping true to the theme, here are some pics from our recent holiday to Ibiza, which I featured today on Instagram. See my feed for more details.


mini rodini swimwear



I have loved Mini Rodini for years now, the mix of big, bold, and unique prints coupled with the supreme quality of their clothing, means they live on and on, often passed down from one child to the next, making them a firm favourite with parents and kids alike.


This space swimsuit is a prime example of a cracking print that Mini Rodini are renowned for. And so is this horse one.


Mini Rodini horse print swimsuit


Mini Rodini swimwear  SS16



Which Mini Rodini pieces are you coveting right now?


Where would you recommend to go on holiday with kids? I’m really liking the idea of Costa Rica, have any of you taken your families there? If so, I’d love to hear your hints/tips.


Nat x


We were lucky enough to be gifted the clothing in exchange for a review. All opinions are true and completely my own. I would never endorse a product I did not like or believe in. 

Fashion Retail Academy Review

April 13, 2016

Fashion Retail academy


Recently I attended a personal styling course at Fashion Retail Academy (FRA). The course was a great introduction to the world of personal styling, for people who are thinking about a career change or for anyone who wants to see if it is right career choice for them.


I was particularly keen to attend because I’ve often dipped my toe into personal styling through opportunities brought about via the blog, but I don’t actually have any formal qualifications. The course really helped me to recognise and consolidate my own fashion styling knowledge, as well learn new concepts.


The course tutor was Sarah Cook, she introduced to us to dressing different body shapes, current trends for men and women, the importance of colour when picking clothes for people and collating mood boards to visualise concepts.


style me sunday - review fashion course


Playing around with different ways to style a scarf.


head scarf - FRA

Mood boards - Fashion retail academy


making mood boards at fashion retail academy


I didn’t realise at the time how much I’d learned in only 3 days, until I started using what I’d been taught and putting it into practise. The course has been a wonderful introduction, and it has only given me the hunger to want to learn more.


To find out more about Personal Styling I asked Sarah (the course tutor) a few questions:


Tell us a little bit about how you got into Styling?  And what exciting jobs you’ve done to date?


Working in fashion was something I dreamt about since I was about 12, I would sit at home sketching ‘fashion designs’ and making outfits from my dressing up box. When the chance came, I enrolled at University where I studied Fashion for 3 years. After graduating I was lucky enough to get a long term work placement role on high end mens magazine and that was the beginning of my styling career. From there I soon secured my first job as a Fashion Co-ordinator on a men’s weekly magazine. About 4 years later I decided I wanted to branch out a bit and extend my skills further, so I decided to go Freelance and be my own boss. This was great move for me and since then (about 7 years ago now), I have worked with a large number of publications and brands – from Grazia and OK! magazine, to Sony Music and menswear brand, Jacamo. I recently worked on a new and exciting job that was something bit different for me. I worked closely with a female celebrity (who’s name I can’t reveal at the moment), and her book publisher on a new style book she is bringing out and I was closely involved in sourcing looks and styles to suit the various different aspects of her busy lifestyle. It will be on sale this Summer!



What do you like best about your job? What you like to do more of?


The thing I love most about my job has to be the variety, I get to work with so many talented people – from make-up artists and photographers, to Art Directors and models. I do also get to work with my friends when we happen to be on the same job, and its so good to know you’re going to spend the day with people who have the same love for their job as you do. There isn’t really any particular aspect of my work I would like to do more of. Being self-employed can be hard at times and really have to keep on top of your contacts and cash flow. So I’m just happy knowing I can be my own boss and get to have so much variety.


What is a typical day for you?

I don’t really have a typical day as my weeks can vary so much from one to the next. For the most part, it will start with a cup of tea and my laptop. Check in on my emails and have a little browse of Instagram to get myself set up for the day. Then I might pop into London for a meeting or perhaps some appointments to get some clothes together for a shoot. Alternatively, I might be heading of to a studio for the day to shoot some fashion. The down side is that I often find myself laden down with bags or a suitcase…but hey, it keeps you fit!


How would you describe your own style?


My style is very eclectic and I tend to wear quite a mix of styles depending on the weather or the event. As whole, I’m a strong believer in having good basics in your wardrobe as opposed to endless pieces of ‘fast fashion’ that you end up only wearing once or twice. I do have a soft spot for a good pair of trainers though and having a growing collection taking over my shoe rack! I found the talk about colours really interesting. I think many people don’t know much about what colours suit them, can you give us a very brief run through about colour matching? It can make such a huge difference to someones appearance just by wearing the right colour clothing and accessories…and of course make up too. To briefly explain the basics, you want to look at your hair colour, skin tone and eye colour to assess whether you might be better suited to warmer or cooler tones of colour. There is a good test where you can hold a piece of silver and gold card up against your skin. Look carefully at yourself in the mirror and as you hold each colour up against your neckline, look to see if it makes your face/skin look glowing and healthy, or drawn and pale. If the gold card is better for you, you suit warmer tones. If the silver was your colour, then you will suit cooler colours best. However, there are variations on these shades depending on your hair colour, but this basic test will give you something to start from and you can then go online to read up more if you wish. Just try to always trust your instincts, if a colour doesn’t give you confidence and glow, then its probably not for you.


Sarah Cook Stylist


Sarah Cook – Stylist


The Introduction to Personal Styling course is 3 days and costs £340 but I have a special offer code for my followers. Use – STYLEME15 enter the code at the checkout online to get an amazing 15% off any short course (excluding postgrad).


The next personal styling courses are on 18th – 20th May and 19th – 21st July. Details of all other short courses can be found online.


If you would like any more information about this particular course, please free to getting touch.


Nat x


Huge thank you to FRA for inviting me to share my experience with my followers.

Street Style Sunday – What’s your super power?

April 11, 2016

Tootsa MacGinty

Recently we’ve been having some behavioural issues with our daughter. She gets angry and frustrated and often takes it out on us, and her sister – the people closest to her.


It’s completely understandable as she is struggles to deal with extremely limited vision.


We have tried numerous things to try and get her out of a funk when you can see her mood changing. Sometimes they work, often they don’t.


But the other day I feel like we had a little turning point. After one such outburst, I took her away (we were on holiday) as the situation was only escalating and we cuddled on her bed for a long time, whilst she cried and let it all out.


Tootsa MacGinty Allo jumper


After a while I had a little spark (it doesn’t happen often) and I thought lets start focusing on her good points and not just on what she doesn’t have. What is special about her?


Tootsa MacGinty



I said ” You see everyone has their thing, all of us are unique and special in our own way. The power comes from when you are able to  find out what your super power is, use it, strengthen it and learn how to harness it’s power.”


Think about what YOU ARE good at, it could be that you have an innate ability to know how people are feeling, or your are creative and your pictures speak to people, or you have a special affinity with animals. Whatever it is, find it and focus your attention there. Lessons for all of us, not just the kids.




Even if it’s a simple as smiling at a stranger and giving them little boost, whatever it is, use it often and don’t be afraid or underestimate it’s power.


Love Nat x


watermelon top from Tootsa MacGinty


These awesome clothes were gifted to us by Tootsa MacGinty, go to their website to see more of their latest collection. 

Street Style Sunday – Find your colour

April 3, 2016


Recently I attended Fashion Retail Academy on a personal styling course, review to come in the week.  Whilst there we talked about matching colours to suit your skin. It was clear that I was doing it already instinctively without even realising.


Have you ever thought about what colours suit you?


Colours, broadly speaking, tend to fall into warm or cold shades. Depending on you skin tone, one or the other will suit you. N.B I’ll talk about this in more depth another time. I still only have a fairly rudimentary knowledge myself.


I discovered on the course I have a warm skin tone by doing a quick little test (which I elaborate on in my review), so generally I suit warm-coloured clothing, such as gold, navy, orange and some shades of red.


One colour I’ve been in love with recently has been rust/ mustard. Luckily, we discovered this shade is good for me.


Here’s some recent examples of rust coloured clothes/ accessories I’ve been wearing. And another colour I’m not totally sure works or not.



natural hair black girl with glasses

Skirt is last seasons from Zara. Top is from Asos.


It’s an especially good colour to wear with a bit of a tan too. Which is why it makes such a great colour for holiday.


As you probably know I love my lipsticks, so it’s also good to think about what shade of lip suits you too.


Holiday outfit - Zara clothes


Both top and skirt from Zara.


Another colour that works well on me is (I think) is this light blue colour. Although I’m not sure it really fits in with the warm colour theory.  What do you guys think?



Off the shoulder top/ dress from Zara


Top/ dress  – Zara


Analyse your colours – Look into the mirror and hold up some of your clothed to your face. Pick a variety of different colours and shades. It’s often easier than you think to tell which colours work well with your skin tone or not. If you don’t find it easy, and of course some colours are much easier than others, ask a friend to help you out.


It really will aid you when you go shopping next and give you some direction.


Done the colour test? What colours do you think suit you?


Nat x

Street Style Sunday – PJ days

March 27, 2016



Happy Easter everyone!!!


You’ll be pleased to hear that this lurgy-infested house has finally come out of the other side and we are enjoying this lovely long weekend free from the shackles of house arrest. Hurrah!


I really didn’t realise how awful chicken pox could be. I felt so sorry for my little spotted chicken, it made her so sad. There was literally no piece of skin spared.


Even though we are finally unshackled, the weather isn’t exactly great right now, so maybe we will stay in our PJ’s all day, after all. We’ve been road testing The Bright Company PJ’s and they’ve had a lot of wear lately, as you can imagine. My girls only have a very select number of pyjama’s they will wear and these are one of them, so I know they love them. They are soft, comfy and I like the fact that they are not matchy matchy like other PJ’s. The print and colours are fab too.


The Bright Company pyjamas

The Bright Company pj's


Girl with glasses, smiling

lazy pyjama days



The Bright Company


the bright company pj's



As you can see the girls had a lot fun on this photoshoot. I didn’t give them any instructions, just said jump around on mummy and daddy’s bed. Clearly the thought of hopping around on our heads did the trick! Not a whiff of bribing, threats or cruelty to children in sight. The only problem was trying to capture them in focus all the time, my photography skills haven’t quite reached that level, as yet. I’ll work on it.


Usually it’s the youngest that loves a camera lens, today however the eldest one was performing like a pro.


What are you guys up to this weekend? Hope you’ve had fun and eaten your body weight in chocolates. Or is that just me?


Love Nat x


Sunday’s Monday Mantra

March 14, 2016

i can't find a focus

Street Style Sunday – All that sparkles

March 13, 2016


Since having my babies getting dressed up, putting make up on has felt like a huge treat. The ritual of slicking on a red lip, pulling out millions of different outfits only to pick the first one you reached for and leaving the bedroom in a right old state, is something I get all giddy about. When I was younger dressing up was, quite frankly, a pain in the bum. These days it feels special.


The downside of course is the next day, as we all know only too well. As I sit here still suffering from the after effects of our friends birthday night out on Friday! But we’ll gloss over that for now and just look at some pretty dresses that make you feel like a million dollars before the aftermath kicks in.


Sparkles, sequins, glittery, gold, shimmery and fabulous is what I’ve gone for here. The more glamorous the better in my opinion, why not go all out and leave a trail of sparkles as you go.


gold sparkly dress


gold sequinned dress from kaleidoscope

gold and black sequinned dress


sparkly and glamorous  dress



Gold sequinned dress | Black and gold sequinned dress


Of course these dresses require some ugly Gok Wan-esque type shaping underwear, but I think the overall effect is worth it.


What’s even better is they are not that expensive. I was kindly asked to pick my favourite items from Kaleidoscope Occasionwear and these were my favourites. The gold one is currently in the sale so it’s a absolute bargain. If you’re looking for something special without it being a huge investment, this is a great place to start looking.


Which dress is your favourite?


Love Nat x


If you’d like to work with me please email me I’m always happy to hear your suggestions. 

Questions for my MUM!

March 5, 2016


This post is a Mother’s Day special post. I ask my own Mum questions.


My mum brought me up single- handedly after my parents split up when I was very young. She had very little support from others when I was growing up.  I cannot even imagine the struggle she endured to bring myself and latterly my sisters up. And even if I do say so myself she did a pretty bloody good job. Today  is all about honouring those Queens in our life who have battled, sacrificed and who we think of we when we need a hug – Mum, Mama, Ma, Mother whatever you like to call her. THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! 


Only now do I appreciate the struggle. 


Let’s find out more about the Mama who made me, me:

Right lets just cut straight to the chase. You have three daughters, Natalie (me) – 35, Rhian (21) and Ciara (21) Who is you favourite daughter?

That’s really unfair … You were my favourite for 14 years then along came two unexpected little sproglets and hey ho, if you’re lucky nature has a wonderful way of expanding your heart so you can share it equally with all your children.  Although to be honest, there are always going to be the times when one might step up to the mark a little bit more or hack you off a little bit less than the others.

What makes you proud? 

At the risk of sounding cliched, my children are what makes me proud the most, they are all well-rounded, individual and remarkable human beings and I’d like to think I had a hand in that.  I am very proud of their achievements but more than that I am proud of their inner strengths, likeability and kindness.  They are so much more confident than I was at that age.  Also I’m proud of myself for finally getting my BA and MA in my 40s and proving to myself yes, I can do it. (She got a 1st degree)

What do you wish you would’ve done differently?

I wish I had liked myself more and believed I deserved more.  I often settled for less, in terms of relationships and career because I didn’t believe in myself.

What were you like as a kid? 

I always felt like a square peg in a round hole and was miserable a lot of the time.

Who do you look up to? 

Maya Angelou was an icon to me, her words of wisdom often kept me going in the dark hours.  But generally everyday women across the world who have to cope with such atrocities and injustices that we can’t even imagine and yet they still survive.  They truly inspire and humble me.

What would you say to your mum if she was still alive?

I wish you’d been there for me.

What would you like to be known for? 

For being a good mum, foster mum, nanny, wife and friend.  Generally a good egg who made a difference.  Years from now I would like to think the world may be a tiny little bit better because I was important in someone else’s life.

What makes you happy currently? 

Spending time with my family, visiting new places in our camper van, Sunday roast dinners, late weekend breakfasts, red wine, city breaks, my favourite playlists, walking the dogs on the beach, keeping chickens, great films, live gigs, catching up with good friends, summer BBQs, watching my grandchildren grow up (too fast!).  Funnily enough, shopping and fashion matter much less these days.

What is your personal favourite fashion  moment?

In the early 80s I had my own uniform which consisted of tight satin pencil skirts (pink/red/gold), low-cut leotards (leopard print/black), footless tights  & gold strappy sandals.  I was a lot slimmer then and thought I looked the nuts.  I also had a leopard print jumpsuit which i loved but to be honest, I’ve never really fallen out of love with leopard print.

What is your worst fashion moment?

Oh god, way too many to count.  Those bubble skirts and ra-ra skirts never looked good on any girl under 5’8″ or over size 10 but we still wore them.  I also went through a stage of copying Boy George’s look which didn’t have quite the desired effect, I so wanted him to be my gbf.

Thanks Mum for answering my questions – I love you!


Nat x


Now for some old pics and a trip down memory lane.


Mum as a bridesmaid in the middle.

Mum as a bridesmaid in the middle.

Mums Holy Communion

Mums Holy Communion

My mum on the left and my daughter on the right.

My mum on the left and my daughter on the right.


Me as a kid

Me as a kid

Mum is the big bridesmaid

Mum is the big bridesmaid

Mum's mum - Nana

Mum’s mum – Nana





At mums graduation with my sisters

At mums graduation with my sisters

Sunday’s Spotlight – Fauxlaroids

March 3, 2016


 Today we have the pleasure of casting the Sunday’s Spotlight on Hayley about her new venture – Fauxlaroids. The website will be launching very soon. But in the meantime you can sign uo to her newsletter via her Fauxlaroids webpage.



You’ve recently launched a company called Fauxlaroids, what inspired you to start your business and how is it going so far?


Fauxlaroids was launched as a sideline business to my already existing company, Really Really Design. The Fauxlaroids were a product that I developed when I hosted my engagement party and I was keen to decorate the plain, hired space in a way that reflected me and Mr P and showed our creative, but romantic side. Polaroid prints of the pair of us over the years were the ideal, but Polaroid camera and film costs were so high and only gave us the option of taking new photos, with no guarantee of how well hey will come out, rather than using our already existing images.  There are other print services available which will print your images as retro prints, but the quality of the paper stock, as well as a good price, a quick turnaround and a personal service were important to me and these other print providers just didn’t offer what I was looking for. So using my graphic design know how and my print connections, I went about developing my own prints for the party and Fauxlaroids was born!

You have 3 children, I’m not going to ask you how you juggle work and kids because I feel like no one ever asks men, and anyway we just do. But you must be super busy. What do your kids think of your new business?


You have made a good point by saying that men are never asked how to ‘juggle work and kids’! My life is a crazy act and, like juggling, sometimes things accidentally get ‘dropped’. I used to beat myself up horrendously if I made a mistake, but this is slowly changing. I have realised that being transparent in business is a trait that people really appreciate. If I make a mistake now, which inevitably I do as I am only human, I own up and see what I can do to put it right. I am always busy, but I think that is how I like it! Working for myself helps with this a little, as it means that I get the best of both worlds. I get to work doing something I love, but when I want to. My main work day is 9 until 3, to fit around school runs and I (try to!) dedicate 3-5.30 to my children. This is often just hanging out or catching up with them and the things that are important in their lives over a glass of squash and a snack, but is the calm before the feeding frenzy of dinner and the bedtime routine. The kids love the business and often on a Saturday morning they will come to the office with me to help with some packing or sorting of stock. They ‘earn’ a product from the store if they work hard enough, such as a bracelet or letter banner,  and these become their prized possessions as they have worked so hard to receive them. I think it is important to see how hard I work, but without it impacting on my role as their mum.


Tell us a bit about the woman behind the brand?


I am Hayley and I live for hilarious adventure and being unconventionally creative. I love filling any spare moment with something to do, as well as Really Really Design and Fauxlaroids, I also work part time in a creative consultant role and am a dance teacher. When I originally started working for myself, I was a single mum of two small boys at the ripe old age of 26. This situation I found myself in, although very tough, gave me the most incredible feeling of being in charge of my own destiny. The ‘young, single, council mum’ label didn’t sit well on my shoulders and I did everything I could to change my situation. I started out making and selling jewellery from hex nuts, which I sold to a boutique in my home town, but I felt that the jewellery market was too saturated for me so soon changed to design work and printed goods. I feel like some days I can take on the world and other days I need a big hug…but I know that I am not alone in feeling like this and this is why it is important to build connections with other women in a similar situation.

Hayley from Fauxlaroid


Hayley thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to answer a few questions. We wish you all the best with your new business. We’re already huge fans. 

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