A writer who cannot write

I am a writer who cannot write but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write. I frequently miss out words, my sentence structure is as jumbled up as the thoughts in my head and I randomly dish out commas in places I feel like they might go, without any clear understanding if that’s where they really go. My knowledge of grammar means I definitely should have paid more attention in English class and I’m almost certainly an undiagnosed dyslexic but none of that means that I shouldn’t do it. In fact, I do it every single day. I journal daily, I write Instagram captions several times a week. I’ve even written numerous magazine articles and have contributed to a published book or two. I sometimes get a family member to proof read my work but even then mistakes slip through. Ideally I’d have a full time, fully paid proof reader on my books but I’m not quite at that level yet!

I’ve seen a huge amount of snobbery when it comes to writing. The quickest and easiest put down when someone is trying to ridicule and discredit another person or prove how that person is the worst human who ever walked this planet, is to point out when they get your/ you’re mixed up. Or when they/their/they’re is incorrect. Don’t even mention possessive nouns, passive voice and misplaced modifiers to me, my head gets fuzzy and I completely zone out.

Writing is not reserved for ones who sat at the front in English, the well-educated, appropriately qualified or even the extremely talented. Writing is a form of expression and everyone deserves to have their voice heard, EVEN when that voice is littered with spelling mistakes and grammatically inaccurate English.