Slip on shoes with Marks and Spencer

In 1987 I was a bridesmaid at my mum's friend's wedding. Excitement levels were off the scale, I had the dress of my dreams and I was over the moon with my incredibly special role. Until I saw what shoes the other, slightly older bridesmaid was wearing.

Slip on shoes were the epitome of being older, a little like high heels but more reachable, almost within touching distance of my 7 year old self.

Yet at that particular wedding they alluded me, and I wasn't happy about it. If you've been a parent of a 7 year old you'll probably be able to imagine what a little ratbag I was that day. All I cared about were those slip-on shoes, and they'd had the audacity to give them to the other bridesmaid!

Little has changed from since my cantankerous childhood days, expect slip on's are now called mules. They are still the holy grail of shoes in my 38 year old mind.

I have three pairs here from Marks and Spencer that almost make up for those heartbroken bridesmaid days:


These black ones are so versatile and easy that I had to get them in the nude as well.


You could literally wear them with anything.

Shoes | Bag (similar)

Hopefully I've convinced you that like me you need a pair of shoes that slip on and off easily - they make life easier and look good too - win win.

Love Nat x

This post is part of a paid collaboration with Marks and Spencer. All style choices are completely my own, as are the words and pictures.

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