Pampers - Makeover Surprise

As you know I’ve been working with Pampers for many months now supporting their #ThankYouMidwife campaign, after research revealed that 1 in 3 midwives feel under appreciated. This campaign is something very close to my heart as an ex-midwife.

And now, as part of the campaign, Pampers have done something really exciting - a makeover of the midwives staffroom at the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton. Working with interior designer Samantha James they transformed the dull, tired and grey room into a tranquil haven with new cushions, seating, kitchen, units and other kitchen essentials.

It’s a wonderful and meaningful gesture to show the midwives just how much we value them. And that’s why Pampers will do the same for the top 10 most thanked hospitals tagged in posts across social media using the hashtag #ThankYouMidwife. They’ll also be continuing to donate £1 per share of #ThankYouMidwife to the benevolent fund of the Royal College of Midwives. So you can have a direct impact on giving something back that will mean the world to your midwife. When I asked my ex-colleagues what they would want to help them feel appreciated - improving their staff room came out on top.

When I worked as a midwife I remember just how depressing the staffroom was - with blue plastic covered chairs, sponge filling poking through at the edges and paint peeling of the walls. If we did get the pleasure of having a break it wasn’t a place you felt like you’d want to spend much time in. It definitely felt like it was low down on the list in terms of priorities, and rightly so I guess with the limited budget our hospitals have. So if our staffroom had had a makeover I know I would have been over the moon. It would have demonstrated that our needs a priority, instead of it being low down on the agenda.

Keep an eye out for the Pampers TV commercial coming out this Saturday which features the very special makeover, as well as midwives helping mums push through labour. The most brilliant part is that it’s set to Salt n’ Pepa’s iconic ‘Push It’ track. In the meantime here’s a sneak peek at the surprise make over:

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