Spring in colour with M&S

Colour is my thing. I love to experiment with bright colours especially, the brighter the better. I hardly have any black in my wardrobe. In the winter when you go on the tube and it looks like everyone is in funeral-worthy attire it's nice to break it up a little against a sea of monotone.

I think sometimes it's very difficult for people to get in the habit of wearing colour. It may be a confidence thing, I think people perceive wearing vibrant colours as being brave because it can grab people's attention, but actually the reality is people hardly ever take a second look and if they do it's usually with a smile.

Yellow floral dress and pale pink boots from M&S worn by Nat from Style Me Sunday

Dress | Boots

Despite my face in this picture, colourful clothes elevate my mood. I walk down the street with a little extra bounce in my step when I wear bright colours. I've always recommended doing things that put you a little outside your comfort zone and noticing how you feel afterwards. If you're only used to wearing muted tones - I urge you to add some brightness to your wardrobe.

A close up of the Pale pink M&S boots


These pale pink boots are the perfect companion to any spring dress. They come with a small heel and are incredibly comfortable too. A nice twist to the white boots I'm seeing everywhere.

A close up of a very colourful floral statement necklace

Necklace | Dress

If colourful clothes are a step too far for you right now, maybe some bright statement accessories are more your thang. M&S have seriously upped their jewellery game recently and definitely deserve a closer look.

Do you struggle with colour? Does wearing colourful clothes scare you? If so, get in touch and let me know what concerns you? I may be able to help give you a nudge, if this post hasn't already helped.

Either way it's time to add a some colour to your wardrobe and go into spring with a little spring in your step.

Love Nat x

This is a collaborative post - as part of a monthly contact with M&S. I always pick the clothes myself and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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