This month's M&S picks - spring is on it's way

I've got some new jeans, okay this isn't exactly breaking news given my job, but it is my first ever pair of Mom jeans, weirdly. Not entirely sure why I haven't bought Mom jeans before, as I actually really like them. Marks and Spencer do a great high waisted version...

Mom jeans from M&S worn by Style Me Sunday


I've also got a new coat. I need another coat like a hole in the head but I just couldn't resist this gorgeous lilac beauty. The colour really shouts out 'springtime is on it's way' to me, I couldn't resist.

A lilac wool blend coat from Marks and Spencer worn by Natalie from Style Me Sunday

Top | Coat

Lilac wool coat by Marks and Spencer worn by Natalie of Style Me Sunday

Coat | Top | Jeans

I took these pics really quickly whilst the kids were having their swimming lesson, just as dusk was setting in. I used my remote-control app on my phone (which I love) and snapped away.

This beige ruffle blouse is great too. It goes with everything, I love the lilac and the beige with the bright pink lipstick combined. M&S also have a dress version of the blouse, which is proving hugely popular.

Nat from Style Me Sunday wearing a lilac wool coat from Marks and Spencer

The days are getting longer and spring is on it's way. Maybe it's time banish the greys and the blacks and add some springtime colours to your wardrobe too?

Love Nat x

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