Shake What Mama Gave You

I'm sick to the back teeth of seeing adverts for celebrity endorsed exercise videos. I'm 37 now and a little wiser or possible just a lot more cynical, I know that stuff is just designed to make me feel guilty about Christmas indulgences and relieve me of my hard earned cash with very little long term benefit.

However I do love to exercise, I love the mental benefits it gives me and I like the way it makes my body feel strong and supple. I've started doing a new dance class. I really struggled with the choreography at first, I just couldn't get it, my memory is shot since having my kids.

I've now been just over a handful of times and I'm picking up the moves quicker and I'm able to follow along (sort of) without feeling like a bewildered bear trying to move in time to the music, but tragically just being beat or two (or three) too slow. I mean I've still got a long way to go until I'm part of the top set crew, but I'm enjoying it. And I hardly ever look at the clock, in fact, I only look at the clock to establish how many more times I get to do the dance routine before being kicked out of the studio at the end of class.

exercise leggings of mesh and marble print from house of Fraser worn by Natalie from Style Me Sunday pictured with a pair of boxing gloves and New balance trainers

Leggings | Trainers

It's easy to feel intimidated when thinking about doing exercise, especially those that aren't comfortable with their bodies. EVERYBODY has a right to move and not feel ashamed. Our bodies are beautiful, amazing things that deserve to be celebrated and I can't think of any better way than to literally shake what mama gave you.

Getting new exercise gear is always great because it actually makes me want to exercise especially if it's as gorgeous as this stuff from House of Fraser - how gorgeous are these prints? Or maybe just wear it with the intention of exercising, never get round to it, but let everyone else think you've been super sporty like I occasionally do:)

Crop top | Leggings

Mesh top | Leggings | matching bra top (underneath mesh top) | Trainers

Crop top | Leggings

Photos by Ocean Taylor Photography

As you can probably as usual see I haven't retouched or photoshopped anything here. I feel like it's important to not be afraid of how our bodies come in their natural state, hiding bits will only make others feel like they have to hide those bits too, and I wouldn't ever want to do that. We are have no reason to hide anything. We are beautiful however that beauty is packaged. We don't need to buy into conventional beauty standards ever, we have to challenge them.

Love Nat x

The post is part of a collaboration with House of Fraser but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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