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The hunt for a good pair of jeans can send anyone into a tailspin. That elusive search has been a bug bear for women since the dawn of time, or more accurately since women started wearing trousers/ jeans.

The wars had a major affect on when women started to ditch skirts/ dresses in favour of what was viewed of as 'men's clothing.' Women would wear their husbands more practical attire to work in, whilst the husbands were off fighting. Before that women were in uncomfortable, restrictive clothing, consisting of boned corsets and voluminous skirts. I can only assume that the reason for this, other than being on-trend at the time, was to keep women preoccupied and away from important matters. A form of control, I guess.

In loads of ways, obviously, things have taken a huge leap forward but sometimes when you're sitting on the floor in the changing room of a large department store, having tried on 20 pairs of jeans, with big fat tears falling down your face because yet again the jeans don't fit your womanly shape - sometimes it might feel like things haven't changed all that much.

Earlier in 2017 John Lewis launched their own brand AND/OR - there is a heavy focus on denim and they have made sure that they got it right from the very begin. Teaming up with denim experts Calvin Rucker and made exclusively in LA - it shows before you've even dared try on a pair of jeans. I was incredibly impressed when I attended their launch party last year with the range on offer, it felt like a breath of much needed fresh air.

I've been searching for a pair of Boyfriend jeans for a long time. As a curvy size 12/ 14 woman I have often struggled with the shape of these jeans. Most commonly because the thigh width isn't large enough, they often look too tight and defeat the whole relaxed style of the cut. These are the first ones I've found that I actually really like, hence why I'm currently wearing them to death.

Natalie from Style Me Sunday in AND/OR denim shirt and boyfriend jeans

Denim shirt | Boyfriend Jeans

Nat from Style Me Sunday in AND/OR denim shirt and boyfriend jeans

Denim shirt | Boyfriend Jeans

AND/OR are not restricted to just denim however, you will find other clothing, accessories and footwear available too and you'll like it just as much as their denim.

Leather bag and denim wear from John Lewis brand - AND/ OR

Denim Shirt | Jeans

Would love to know what you think of their range?

Love Nat x

This is a collaborative post with John Lewis. I picked and styled the clothing, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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