Mums go to Topshop

Jacket | Trousers | Bag | Boots

Topshop have a reputation for being only for teenagers or weed-smoking uni students putting off real work whilst spending their student loan. Maybe it's time they do something about it and give us mums a discount to try and change that misconception. After all I think we've probably got slightly more funds than your average cider drinking young person. If you can prove that you've lactated at some point in your life, you get 20% off this lovely dress - huzzah! Sounds great to me, although I haven't quite thought this through properly, have I?! Well anyway you get my drift.

I have always loved Topshop, from my every weekend party animal 19 year old self, to now 37 year old, dragging two kids around Westfield with the promise of sweets if they just let me have just 20 mins to find that perfect sparkly dress. And I hope I'll be shopping there for many years to come...

Do you like a bit of Topshop? Or are your Topshop days long behind you? And what do you think of my this mustard raw edge suit?

Love Nat x

Jacket | Trousers | Bag | Boots

BTW how epic are these boots!!!

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