Chunky Knit of dreams and transitional dressing

A big chunky knit cardigan is one of the few benefits for me when the temperatures start to drop. Once I've found a good one, I will wear it to death. There's something so comforting and cosy about a good cardie, my favourite thing to wrap up in during the winter months. This orangey red one has already been worn rather a lot. The colour is great, it brightens up even the dullest of days and works rather nice with my orange lipstick. My daughter, who is vision impaired, says she loves it when I wear it because it makes it easier for her to spot me in the playground when I'm there to pick her up. I can't really think of a better endorsement, can you?

Red chunky knit cardigan from Marks and Spencer

Cardigan | Dress

M&S chunky knit cardie in orange

It's very easy to think of only casual clothes when you grab your cardigan. Don't be afraid to dress it up a little and mix it up with something sparkly. This navy sequin pencil skirt is one of my favourite things in my wardrobe at the moment, a great purchase for now and the upcoming festive months.

socks and heeled sandals, worn with a sequin pencil skirt and orange cardigan

Navy sequin pencil skirt from M&S worn with a orangey/red cardigan

Cardigan | Skirt | Platform sandals

Pairing socks with some sandals is a great twist on any outfit and looks more interesting than plain black tights. These navy platforms are absolutely perfect for wearing with socks. The heels are the perfect balance between style and comfort. I love my heels, but boy do I suffer after wearing them for 30 mins (if I'm lucky!). These platform shoes are great for my heel-loving friends who want to be able to still walk unaided the next day.

Floral M&S tiered maxi dress worn with socks and platform heels

navy velvet platforms heels from Marks and Spencer. Comfortable heels.

Dress | Platforms

I'm also loving this floral dress, which can be paired with a polo neck like this, or some lace sleeves like these. I have just discovered M&S armwear, I mean, what have I been doing with my life, I feel like it's a revelation and just opens up so many possibilities.

Now is the perfect time to start experimenting again and start switching up your wardrobe. A few key purchases will transform your old stuff and make it new, possibly some of the bits I've mentioned above will give you some ideas.

Hope you like my favourite latest M&S picks. Happy shopping!

Love Nat x

This post was in collaborating with M&S all thoughts and choices are completely my own.

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