Why we're supporting RSBC - No Blind Child Unseen

There are approximately 36,000 blind and partially sighted children living in England and Wales today.

  • It is estimated that around 90% of people who lose their sight in childhood will not be employed for more then 6 months of their lives.

  • Most will never have someone to share their life with.

  • Research shows that two thirds of the population have never met a blind or partially sighted young person.

These statistics are chilling reading for us, it points to a vicious cycle of a lack of support and social exclusion. It is especially worrying for us because our 8 year old daughter is severely partially sighted, with a high likelihood that she will become fully blind at some point due to a rare genetic condition called Brittle Cornea Syndrome, she has no other additional needs.

With the many complex challenges that blind* people face The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) have launched a campaign to raise awareness and vital funds to help improve the lives of the young people living without sight. They aim to raise 3 million in the next three years, but because blind people are largely unseen (ironically), they have an uphill battle.

If we can support blind children better, both emotionally and practically, we know that their prospects of living a fulfilled life is much more likely. Many blind people suffer with depression, poverty, loneliness and isolation because there just isn't enough being done to support them.

Our daughter is full of life, she is clever, energetic and has loads of friends. She has dreams of becoming a teacher, an artist and a scientist. There is absolutely no reason why she shouldn't be able to achieve anything she wants to like any other 8 year old girl. Please help us to raise vital funds for her and for people that don't see the world like we do.

Love Nat x

The Campaign - No Blind Child Unseen The campaigns hashtag - #EveryBlindChild

RSBC creates a better life for blind children, by helping every young person we work with to find and fulfil their own unique potential. We are there for them from the moment they are told they have lost their sight, guiding them and their families on their journey through sight loss. By 2020 we want to have reached 11,000 children and young people.

Donate to RSBC’s appeal to make sure that #EveryBlindChild can be seen by an RSBC Sight Loss Specialist, and given a fair chance to reach their potential. Text “DONATE” to 70020 now to give £5* or visit the donate online page.

For more info go to: http://www.rsbc.org.uk/no-blind-child-unseen/

Twitter: @RSBCcharity Instagram: @rsbccharity Facebook: @rsbccharity

If you can help with promoting this campaign or can help with fundraising please do get in touch natalie@stylemesunday.com

*Blind - often used to refer to being blind or partially sighted.

Natalie from Style Me Sunday and her daughters, one of whom is partially sighted.

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