Term time gets cool - Back to school with Nike

The summer holidays have drawn to a close, the leaves are turning amber and the nights are getting longer, we are back to rushing out of the door wondering if we remembered to sign their reading record and if we packed their P.E kit.

For me the end of the summer break is both a sad and happy time. I love summer and the freedom of waking up, not always knowing what the day brings and the lie ins, oh how we love the lie ins, the leisurely snuggles in the morning are the best. But I also desperately crave routine after 6 weeks. Getting stuff done, by the end of the holidays I have a backlog of work to attend to and I'm ready to start working again, and following up on all the things I've been putting on hold.

I have to say with each passing year I'm getting better at this shizzle. I make sure we have different bits planned throughout the summer holidays so the kids don't get bored and we both don't go stir crazy. We love going to festivals (although this year it was a bit of a washout), trips to the seaside, spending time with friends we rarely get see during term time and having our big family holiday so we get some good quality family time. This summer holiday has gone by in a flash, and it's been amazing.

By September the kids have missed their school friends, but they definitely haven't missed the homework. However one thing making the transition back to school a lot more exciting is a collaboration I'm doing with Nike and their 'Back to school range' - you'll see why in the pics.

Air Max

They are over the moon with their new Air Max trainers. The clothes they've selected will be perfect for all the sporty activities the new school year brings. I have a feeling they think they're the coolest kids in town with their new Nike Back to School gear.

Black cap

White cap


Romper | Hoodie

Dress (Similar)

Cap | Romper | Trainers

Were you ready for the kids to go back to school?

Check out Nike's full cool Back to school range, you're kids will love it and so will you.

Nat x

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