Warrior Woman Project - FIERCE!

It's hard to imagine that it is only a few days until my 3rd Warrior Woman project - Friday 16h June. I have worked so hard for this to come together (as have The Tape Agency) and it's been months in planning. It will be the biggest and best one yet. The previous initiatives have all been social media based. This is the first actual event I'm doing and it's going to be MEGA. I'm so excited!

This third project is called Fierce! It's all about breaking down those insecurities, being brave and not letting anything hold you back from being the best version of you. It doesn't matter whether you're a side 6 or a size 26 we all have our own issues and vulnerabilities and it's about trying to free yourself from the shackles and not hiding away anymore.

The day consists of a brave photo shoot, inspiring talks, live art and so much more...

Because of the nature of the event unfortunately I can't invite every single one of you, although I would have very much liked to. But, the good news is it will be heavily featured on social media so please do follow along, and join in from the comfort of your sofa. The hashtags to look out for is #WarriorWomanProject3 #fierce #RealBeauty

We have loads of top UK bloggers/ influencers attending such as Clemmie - Mother_of_Daughters, Clemmie - Mother of All Lists, Steph - Don't buy her Flowers, Cat and Gayle - Hustle and Fox, Cherry Healey, Holly - The Yes Mum Mum, Alison - Not Another Mummy Blog, Becs - Parent Apparel, Holly - The Tiny Mumma, and many more who are all helping me to spread the Warrior Woman message. Look out for the hashtag and follow the people attending and spy on their insta stories.

Wish us luck!

Love Nat x

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