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A kid wearing navy Startrite shoes

Children are naturally inquisitive, if I had a pound for every time I heard the word 'why' I'd be a rich, rich woman. Kids shoes should in no way inhabit this curious nature. Which is exactly why I wanted to road test these bad boys for a little while before writing about them, I knew she'd give them a damn good trial. The littlest ratbag has been wearing her Start-rite for about 3 weeks, and they are the only pair she wants to wear every morning. She's pleased as punch with her new shoes.

The thing about Start-rite is that you know you're getting quality when you buy a pair of their kids shoes. Start-rite were the first shoes I ever bought both my ratbags, because they are known for being great for developing feet, which is really important to me and I'm sure to you to.

As you probably already know Start-rite shoes come in a variety of widths and sizes ranging fro narrow to extra-wide, so you know you can get the perfect fit, and not have to squeeze their delicate little tootsies into a one size (or width) fits all kind of shoe.

My ratbags love to climb, part of their inquisitive nature I'm told :) It used to be me they climbed, but now they are getting a bit big for that they climb on the bike shed, the play house and the hallway stairs, giving me a heart-attack every 5 minutes, basically anything they can. Whatever shoes they wear they have to be able to cope with this. This T-bar design is just perfect for shoes that stay on, and the rubber sole means they have great grip. The leather lining and upper both making sure that any moisture is absorbed and they mould to your child's unique foot respectively.

This particular shoe design makes me come over all nostalgic, as they remind me of ones I used to have a snotty-nosed pre-schooler in knee high socks. Although I can't remember if I was a climber or not, I'll have to ask Mum.

Navy T-bar shoes

As the door mat says we are a house of fun (or we try to be), and we need their shoes to reflect that. These Navy Blue T-bar Buckle Sandals certainly don't inhibit that. So, I recommend not buying ill-fitting shoes for your precious little ones, after all they deserve ones that are comfortable and allow them to explore the world like only a child knows how.

Head over to Start-rite for more styles

Love Nat x

This post was made in collaboration with Start-rite, all thoughts and feelings are my own.

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