My brand story

I have taken a huge leap and sought out a mentor. Hurrah! I've been thinking about getting a business coach for ages, but I haven't actually got around to it until now or maybe I just hadn't plucked up the courage.

Mentoring does take a certain amount of braveness. It involves looking at yourself, holding up a mirror and being asked and answering difficult questions.

Do you have a mentor? Some of us are lucky enough to have natural mentors, like our parents or a friend, whilst they may be great they also come with a certain amount of bias, as they cannot help having their own agenda.

So, my first challenge from my new mentor was to write my brand story. It's a great first task because it's one that underpins all of it. I one that really gets me thinking about the right things.

That is my task this weekend. I will report back on Monday, wish be luck people!

Nat x


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