Comfortable and Stylish - The Perfect Shoes!

I'm terrible for buying shoes. I get completely sucked in by how they look and ignore the fact that I probably won't ever be able to wear them because I can't take the pain for more than a few minutes.

Flat shoes are great but having size 7 feet I rarely find a pair of flat shoes that don't make my feet look huge. It's also hard to find comfortable ones that are a) stylish and b) don't give you blisters if you don't wear them with socks.

Seven Boot Lane were initially introduced to me by a friend. She purchased a pair of boots a couple of years ago and has been a loyal fan of theirs ever since. The difference is you are paying for real craftsmanship and superior quality materials. This is not throwaway fashion, these shoes or boots will walk many miles with you.

I've had these shoes (above) for a couple of weeks now and I have been surprised at how they have hugged my feet. Not the hint of a blister in sight, the more you wear them the more they mould to the shape of your feet.

What Seven Boot Lane do really well is marry style with comfort seemingly effortlessly, but I guess that can only be achieved with an exceptional amount of attention to detail and superior quality of every component used, whilst keeping an eye on the trends.

The beauty of these particular shoes that I chose is that they go with anything and everything, which makes them an essential item in anyone's shoe cupboard.

Now a little treat for you, we're giving my followers an exclusive 15% off any item from Seven Boot Lane. Use the code: STYLEME15

Enjoy your new love affair with Seven Boot Lane!

Love Nat x

This post was made in collaboration with Seven Boot Lane, however all words/pics and opinions are my own.

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