Mum and Me with Laura Mercier

I was recently asked if I wanted to come and have my make-up done with my Mum by an expert make-up artist with Laura Mercier products at the Space NK store on Regents Street for their Uniquely Beautiful campaign. Of course I jumped at the chance, I LOVE having my make-up done, and I know my Mum does too. I'm sure I got my love of make-up from my Mum. I know what you're thinking, this blogging lark is really tough sometimes, but someone's got to do it :)

Here's Mum pre-makeup:

I remember sitting on the toilet (not actually going to the toilet!) as a kid and talking to her as she painted her face in the bathroom mirror before she went out for the night. I would watch what she did intensely, wishing the day would come when I could do my own eye flick. We've both always loved a good dose of eyeliner.

It's funny when you start to reminiscence and realise just how much you soak in as a kid. My mum was especially influential on me as for many years it was just her and me. She had a number of boyfriends along the way, but never any I would consider held the covetable(?) role of step-dad. My younger twin sisters came along when I was 14. I'd been begging my mum for a sister for many years, and then when two came along I was delighted. Although they kinda cramp my style a bit, and suddenly Mum was very busy! Ha.

As big fans of make-up Mum and I really enjoyed being shown the best Laura Mercier products to use for our individual needs and get expert advice. And what a lovely treat and good excuse to spend some quality time together it, we don't get much opportunity these days.

We were treated like queens for the morning, and then we walked to Carnaby Street did a little shopping and had really nice lunch and a good old catch up.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.

Love Nat x

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