Mother's day Gift Ideas with The White Company

The White Company asked me to pick my favourite Mother's Day items from their website. So I had a look at their website and as you can imagine I found loads of stuff I'd be more than thrilled to receive for Mother's Day. I decided however to pick three realistic (not too expensive) items that my husband and kids could buy for me if they could read my mind.

I gave them to my kids and asked them to give me my Mother's Day presents early. They were very excited about the idea and only too willingly obliged.

Here's a little clip capturing the moment and showing you what my favourite Mothers Day suggestions from The White Company are:

Spring Candle

I love to burn candles in my house, you'll rarely come to my home and not smell a lovely, sweet aroma from burning wax. With spring definitely in the air, it's nice to smell something fresh, floral or citrusy as you walk around the house.

Dressing Gown

I spend approximately 80% of my time at home in my dressing gown. I had my last dressing gown for about 10 years, it's very comfy but my family are constantly telling me to get a new one, as it looks old and tired. So, this present was my families favourite. And, I picked very carefully. They have to be soft and ultimately great for relaxing in. In the past I've found the really expensive ones made from silk or cashmere just not as comfortable as the fluffy, cotton ones. This dressing gown has a deep pile of soft cotton and it is absolutely perfect for lounging around the house in.

Super Serum

As I get older I care more about my skin, and what I put on it. I've heard serums are an essential part of a skincare regime. This serum sounds absolutely amazing and provides UV and ageing protection, while also helping it to look plumper and smoother with an even tone. What more could a mum want?!

After all of the above you've got one very happy Mummy here!

I hope you like my Mother's Day gift suggestions.

Jeans | Shirt

I couldn't finish without telling you about these gorgeous clothes I'm wearing. Sometimes there really is nothing better than a simple yet beautiful white shirt and jeans. These boyfriend jeans are very comfortable, with a good amount of stretch in them. Finish the look off with a splash of red lipstick and you're done.

What do you think?

Don't forget to check out The White Company's #MumWisdoms campaign on Instagram, there's a chance to win their Mother's Day edit. It's all about the best piece of advice our mums gave us. What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Love Nat x

This post was made in collaboration with The White Company, all views are my own.

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