My Warrior Woman Project 2 - Vulnerable Me

All week on Instagram I've been championing my latest project. This time I'm encouraging my friends and followers to share stories about things that make them feel vulnerable.

I've been blown away by the response and the stories, the stories have made me laugh out loud and shed a tear or two. If you get a chance please do look the hashtag up and have a read. You will feel inspired, I guarantee that. #warriorwomanproject2 #vulnerableme

Here's me being vulnerable:

a photo of me with my stomach showing and my stretch marks exposed in a pair of knickers with my jumper lifted up for my warrior woman project 2 called Vulnerable Me

Wow I didn't realise how powerful a message this really was, until the comments came flooding in on Instagram. People really related and it's so nice to sometimes not just see polished, beautiful, happy la la land photos.

I also feel a lot less self-conscious now because after reading all the stories, who bloody cares about a not-so perfect belly, in the scheme of things it just really isn't important. It's also not a dirty, little secret that I have to hide away anymore.

What I've learnt through action is that strength coming from sharing and owning your vulnerabilities. This really has been life-changing for me.

Thank you to everyone who joined in and I hope you enjoyed the project.

Love Nat x

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