let's talk about...2016

At the end of something it’s always good to look back and reflect, before moving on to the next thing. Because we need to make sure we learnt from the last phase, and use all the knowledge and experience we gained.

For me 2016 was:

A year of learning to ask for help when I needed it,

Of admitting it’s ok to say everything isn’t ok,

A year of showing my vulnerable side,

Of realising vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength,

A year of saying I can’t do it all,

Of letting things I cannot do well go,

A year of of being humbled,

Of discovering that I, and everyone I love are not infallible,

A year of the deepest, darkest sorrow,

A year of surviving.

2016 the year that made me stronger.

Let’s talk about… 2016

How was it for you?

Love Nat x