Let's finish 2016 in style

I’m pretty sure that many of you would not disagree that this year has been the shittiest of shit years, the only way to go is to see the year out getting pissed (hello grandparents, they are yours for at least 2 days starting on NYE), and drowning our sorrows in brightly-coloured cocktails whilst talking (repeatedly) about how crap 2016 was.

However before we get to that point we can at least do it stylishly. There’s no point crying into our Moscow Mule looking anything less than fabulous. We have some standards!

Christmas is synonymous with sparkle, so I’m not going to disappoint by not giving you a sequinned option. This sparkly number is from French Connection, just don’t forget your suck-it-in knickers. But all those sequins don’t come cheap, this dress is £170. On the plus side, I can’t see it going out of fashion any time soon, you can bring it out year after year. I would also be tempted to wear it with my Converse at a festival in the summer.

And how can we not have a velvet option. You can’t move a few feet without seeing some velvet, and I’m very happy about that. This Boden velvet suit is a different look for me but I like it.

You cannot ever look awful (even if you are weeping about recent political tragedies) in this Self Portrait beauty. I’m telepathically urging one of my friends to get married soon so I can buy this gorgeousness. Unfortunately my husband’s firm doesn’t have a Christmas ball to warrant the buying on this dress. Thank you Brexit!

For something a little different, yet equally as lovely. This dress will make feel like Alice in Wonderland except the weird shit happening isn’t actually some fantasy world, you won’t wake up and feeling relieved.

I just realised none of the items I’ve suggested are under £150 and that’s not usually like me. Oh well, they are all bloody lovely, sometimes if you want an extra special outfit you have to have deep pockets, or sell a kidney.

Alternatively, wait for my next post where I promise to show some better value options. Although I cannot guarantee how long that’ll be 😉

Love Nat x