Think outside of the box

When Precis asked me to pick out a couple of my favourite pieces from their A/W16 collection, I went for this stunning lace dress and a floral midi skirt. I was racking my brains trying to think of what I could pair the skirt with. On their website they pair it with a polo neck top, which looked really good, but I wanted to do something a little different.

When the clothes turned up I instantly thought they’d look great together. It’s not the first time I’ve paired a dress and a skirt together. Have a look at your wardrobe, often you can revitalise a once forgotten item with an unlikely pairing.

Another benefit of this outfit would be if you had two events to go to in one night. After the first one you can whip off the skirt and you’ve got a whole new outfit.

Lace Dress | Floral Skirt

What do you think of this combo?

Is there anything in your wardrobe which is an unlikely pairing, but actually works really well?

Love Nat x