Gym kit every Mum needs

I was asked to pick out some work out gear from TLC Sport to try out, so I could review them and report back to you, my followers.

I chose two pairs of leggings and a top.

I’ve been trying really hard to get fit lately, so the timing was pretty good, as my exercise clothes are in need of a refresh.

Leggings | Top

I love the bright yellow design on these leggings, and they have a wide waist band which I liked. There is a mesh back on this top which looks really good. The pain in my face was real by the way. I’m still hurting 2 days later!

I’ve started training with the super trainer Fresh Fit in a studio on Broadway Market, if you’d like to train with this don, quote Style Me Fresh for a 10% discount.

However the real star of the show of the items I picked out was these slim leggings:

Slim leggings

These leggings are amazing! Not only do they hold in your stomach, they hold everything in, making you feel sleek and supported. You don’t need to worry about your top riding up during exercise, so you can just concentrate on getting fit, and not having to pull your top down constantly.

I have had so many people thank me for introducing them to these beauties on Instagram, be warned though, you’ll want to wear them all day every day, not just at the gym.

To make matters even better, they’re on sale at only £30!

You’re welcome.

Love Nat x